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Basic question on developing for ATSAM on Studio: START vs "drivers"
The docs on the SAMC21 page refer to ASF 3.x libraries availiable in studio.   START is basically ASF 4.0. It exists outside studio and is basically a rewritten...
Monday, 19 November 2018 - 22:18
Come Join Us (MPLAB Now Supports AVRs)
clawson wrote: mroszko wrote:What you are "doing wrong" is not using -O1 I fear you have entirely missed my point. I deliberately used (and used color highlighting to make the...
Friday, 17 August 2018 - 14:53
Come Join Us (MPLAB Now Supports AVRs)
So for me dropping AVR-GCC support, or just not updating it, means I will probably not ever switch to MPLAB or use new parts that are currently not supported. In fact, it's time...
Friday, 17 August 2018 - 14:48
Come Join Us (MPLAB Now Supports AVRs)
@clawson   As much as I brutally hate XC8 with a passion and MPLAB X which are both third-world quality compared to tools actually meant for C (VS, CLion, etc).....  ...
Thursday, 16 August 2018 - 14:34
A variable not updated in ISR
Quote: Historical practice in C was to use leading underscores for implementation internals. As a result, there's reserved space there; anything starting with an underscore...
Monday, 18 December 2017 - 14:20
Man-in-the-middle hack of RS232 data stream
Quote: So to summarise, I have the outbound serial data (in an unknown protocol), but I also have the values being sent by the serial data in a human readable JSON format....
Monday, 4 December 2017 - 20:21
Atmel Studio 7.0.1645
Funny UI issues after upgrades are almost always due to the caches in %LOCALAPPDATA%/AtmelStudio/7.0   I wish the studio installer just cleared them. (Because VS2015 isn't...
Monday, 6 November 2017 - 13:54
Atmel Studio 7.0.1645
Sent PM. Might be related to using the SAM-ICE over other debuggers? The SAM-ICE was broken before in Studio updates early on :/   I have a second computer which never had...
Tuesday, 31 October 2017 - 14:15
Atmel Studio 7.0.1645
M0+ debugging (at least SAMD20s) may be broken with this update. Refuses to write fuses or write memory in debug. Older version works fine :/
Monday, 30 October 2017 - 18:11
Problem with Analog Comparator demos on SAM C21 Xplained Pro
FYI at anyone else.   This is a bug in ASF.     in \ASF\sam0\drivers\ac\ac_sam_l_c\ac.c   You will find:   #if (SAMC21) || (SAMC20) /* The Analog...
Thursday, 12 October 2017 - 19:14
Startup problems with Studio 7, J-Link, SAME70
FYI, Studio 7.0.1417 is broken with SAME70s because it overwrites the TCM setting in the fuse bits every time you debug to a smaller SRAM config everytime even if you change it...
Friday, 6 October 2017 - 14:28
hidden unique serial number in AVR chips?
There is no order. The bytes are their fabrication identifiers for each die (different bits of info). If you are using all the bytes for an id, you can take it anyway and it'll be...
Thursday, 21 September 2017 - 15:50