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Valid ISR names for -1 series AVRs
Hi,   I've been using a 3216 board graciously provided by Spence Konde along with his core and UPDI programmer tutorial. So far so good. I'm able to load up some...
Tuesday, 3 December 2019 - 06:49
ATtiny84, PCINT1_vect, Software Serial
Hi, I have a routine running on an ATTiny84 the looks at pin change interrupts, calculates a frequency(RPM), measures temperature and toggles other output puts according to some...
Saturday, 26 October 2019 - 15:25
ATTiny84, analogRead and Pullup Resistors
Greetings, I can't seem to disable the pull up resistors for a pin.   Hardware set up is a 10k pot from 5V to Ground, wiper attached directly to PB3. Then I look for changes...
Sunday, 10 March 2019 - 06:21
ATtiny84 Compare Interrupt
Greetings, I'm trying to use a ATtiny84 to monitor frequency from three phase AC and set a pin when the input frequency is above 150 hz and then set another pin when the...
Monday, 21 January 2019 - 18:46
ATtiny85 Single Conversion, Multiple Channel ADC
Greetings, I'm trying to read two analog inputs at pretty slow rate, one I want to read every 30 ms or so checking pressure in a vessel, the other every 3 s checking a voltage...
Thursday, 1 October 2015 - 13:19