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Disabeling USART on ATtiny 416
You also have to deal with waiting for the tx to complete, if you are not already. Simple example, which works-   #include <avr/io.h> #define F_CPU 10000000ul  ...
Thursday, 25 August 2022 - 18:14
Problems using printf
You can also do this all on your own, even if only just to see what is going on-   The vfprintf library function is ultimately the...
Wednesday, 24 August 2022 - 21:23
storing and comparing multiple string problem
parallel thread-
Tuesday, 23 August 2022 - 22:35
Looking for AVR ASM Decoding table
Well, I'm trying to understand how avr-objdump works.   I have a binary file Not quite sure what you want, but can only guess you have a binary file you want to decode back...
Tuesday, 23 August 2022 - 01:40
Use same code for different xtal frequency
Erase an eeprom byte  (or rewrite to preserve value). The rc osc is used to time eeprom write - 26,368 cycles. Start a timer, erase/rewrite, when done count timer- if...
Monday, 15 August 2022 - 17:51
Simultaneous host and client mode on device with single TWI, aka DUALCTRL?
and have my host connected on PA2 & PA3 for the client role, and hope to use PC2 & PC3 for the host role, connected to sensor clients.  For TWI0 in dual mode (28pin...
Sunday, 7 August 2022 - 07:36
UART RX buffer clear/dispose
Master always call them by a 8 byte query each time. Instead of turning on/off uart, you could use the rx buffer index to indicate state along with a timer to take care of...
Thursday, 4 August 2022 - 19:10
"No need for an external oscillator" ATMEGA4809
Since the avr0/1/etc has a fractional baud rate generator, it also means you can tweak the baud register in relatively small increments (the fractional part, 6bits). There is...
Friday, 29 July 2022 - 18:43
Bootloader for Atmega4808 or Atmega 0 series
You will have to determine if you are producing a binary file first. You get an elf and hex file by default from your ide, and the hex file is normally used for programming. We...
Friday, 29 July 2022 - 18:07
Bootloader for Atmega4808 or Atmega 0 series
but instead it should be Thanks. I was making changes and made a mistake at one point. It was hidden from me by the fact that the demo app was correct, so I could press the sw at...
Thursday, 28 July 2022 - 18:48
Timing in switch statement failing
Example-   For starters, you have to access time atomically because it is changing in an isr and the changing var is > 1 byte. You...
Wednesday, 27 July 2022 - 02:13
Rx UART interrupt when toggling LED pin
2. Why is VPORT not compiling as I'd expect it to?   was suprised that most did not actually compile to CBI/SBI If you make them static (static inline or static inline...
Tuesday, 26 July 2022 - 00:04