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Butterfly roundup request
Dean did a good job in name choosing.......IMHO. What sticks in your head better, Butteerfly Program Loader or ButtLoad. That is what marketing is all about. Example:MP3 players...
Wednesday, 1 March 2006 - 04:42
BUTTLOAD: One Butterfly ISP Programming Another
This is the image packed in the .rar file. BTW, did you try the old buttload yet? Try this as soon as possible! I'd really hate to see your last butterfly die too.
Tuesday, 28 February 2006 - 07:37
easy usb-isp programmer..
Not sure about CodeVision support but Atmel has an AVRISP mkII which is USB and only $34USD. It is very nice.....and you'll have a fun experiance trying to find one!
Tuesday, 28 February 2006 - 07:14
BUTTLOAD: One Butterfly ISP Programming Another
You can get an older version here: Scroll down to the bottom and either use Public Beta 3 or ButtLoad 1.0.
Tuesday, 28 February 2006 - 06:59
Circuit Cellar Inc. Contest
Bingo600 wrote:abcminiuser wrote:Butterfly, eh? Any restrictions stating that your entry has to actually have hardware past the Butterfly? ;) - Dean :twisted: Dean .. bad news...
Tuesday, 28 February 2006 - 06:48
BUTTLOAD: One Butterfly ISP Programming Another
Quote:First message: "Code enters BOOT area. Proceed?? [YES] Second Message: Truncate at BOOT limit?? [YES] Ahhhhhhh, I think ButtLoad is toooo big!!
Tuesday, 28 February 2006 - 06:43
BUTTLOAD: One Butterfly ISP Programming Another
RetroDan, did you try an older ButtLoad version yet? If dean is correct about Buttload being to big you will need to use an older version.
Tuesday, 28 February 2006 - 06:41
BUTTLOAD: One Butterfly ISP Programming Another
Ok I just want to clarify this: o[_]
Tuesday, 28 February 2006 - 06:36
USB Host for AVR
Quote:IMHO they (AT90USBxxx) are still vapour. I emailed Atmel about the availability of the USB AVR's development boards and the answer was: Quote:Dear Customer, I can...
Tuesday, 28 February 2006 - 03:33
ATMega128 (spi, jtag disabled)
How did you disable both? You can't disable SPI in ISP and I don't *think* you can disable JTAG in JTAG programing. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Tuesday, 28 February 2006 - 01:39
WARNING to Potential ButterFly Purchasers
Quote:I'm assuming there is a filter capacitor inside the wart's case. You should also have a 220µf filter cap on your VCC.
Monday, 27 February 2006 - 23:13
WARNING to Potential ButterFly Purchasers
I had to look twice to find the LM317......its on the side of the wallwart.
Monday, 27 February 2006 - 23:07