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Which JTAG ICE ?
Quote:Now if Atmel could come out with a next gen stk-500 (talk about a terrific bargain) with JTAG on board for a nice price, that would be tempting! Hmmm. Yummy 8)
Wednesday, 15 March 2006 - 05:23
Tools,Project Management and a seemingly inept industry.
Gwen wrote:Quote:[edit] Self Censored [/edit] Hey Smiley! Quit holding back :) I need to get here earlier :wink:
Wednesday, 15 March 2006 - 04:52
Butterfly (ATMega169?) programming problem.
ISP programming would fix it. Grab yourself an ISP programmer and reload your bootloader or progrma.
Wednesday, 15 March 2006 - 04:36
WARNING to Potential ButterFly Purchasers - the truth.
Quote:[edit] Self censored [/edit] Quote:[edit] Self censored [/edit] Quote:[edit] Self censored [/edit] Quote:[edit] Self censored [/edit] Quote:[edit] Self censored [/edit] Lol...
Tuesday, 14 March 2006 - 02:34
Butterfly production cost?
Quote:Do others agree with my guess that Atmel got surplus LCDs for this project and that the cost to make them from scratch would have been higher? The new LCD for the latest STK...
Tuesday, 14 March 2006 - 02:21
Programming SW for STK200 and ATtiny2313
You can buy the 'updated' version of the Kanda STK200 software for $20USD. Personaly, I wouldn't waste the money. Just get an ATAVRISP or...
Sunday, 12 March 2006 - 23:07
I have been using a Mega16 in the 8535 socket.(same pinout). From the data shetts it looks like th 4433 has the same pinout as the mega88 so y0u should be able to use it in the 28...
Sunday, 12 March 2006 - 21:34
Over 10 min. to program ATMega128 with Pony Programmer!
Quote:Interestingly, though, I removed the battery, and even without supplying any vcc to the butterfly (i.e. only to the target), the butterfly turns on! None of the USI lines (...
Friday, 10 March 2006 - 00:09
Ohh, I forgot! This is yet another pin compatible Stamp/B(z)X-24 module....and cheaper. It use the mega 128 and only $34.
Tuesday, 7 March 2006 - 06:43
I have the pin and code compatible 'BasicX-24' I had set this aside when I started AVRs but I recently (finally) recieved a reply from NetMedia that rhey will have a Mac OS X...
Monday, 6 March 2006 - 23:31
Butterfly roundup request
Quote:Quote: Wooohooo, Some one else that lives in New Orleans! Are you really in New Orleans? I thought it was like still some kind of disaster area. Do you live right where the...
Friday, 3 March 2006 - 06:51
Free Programmer for AVR's?
The only reason why the newer AVRs don't work with this and IC-Prog is just because IC-Prog never added suppor for new AVRs. The 'hardware' programmer will support the Butterfly/...
Friday, 3 March 2006 - 02:22