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Can't programe because Atmel-ICE is Busy
I forgot to tell you that I have received an answer to case where I have been told that "This problem has been identified and reported as a bug in Atmel Studio 6.2. This issue...
Wednesday, 7 January 2015 - 21:02
Can't programe because Atmel-ICE is Busy
@bobofrut - did you open a support ticket ?   I have spent some hours with this stupid and annoying situation. IT looks that avrdude doesn't help at all.   I have an...
Sunday, 4 January 2015 - 10:33
Can't programe because Atmel-ICE is Busy
It's incredible - I didn't found on knowledge base any other similar issues : it means that no one else has reported this issue.   I have wrote a support ticket. let's see...
Wednesday, 31 December 2014 - 11:26
Can't programe because Atmel-ICE is Busy
I have the same issue. If you ever find a more normal fix/workaround please share !
Sunday, 28 December 2014 - 21:17
Installation problem: vsixinstaller.exe fails
I do have the same problem and I have installed the latest version of Studio : 6.1 I am running on Win7.
Saturday, 17 August 2013 - 06:33
MHV AVR Tools - an AVR toolchain for Windows
Hello, There it's any code editor bundled in this package ? BR Daniel
Thursday, 11 July 2013 - 08:02
Get Your Open Source XPLAIN/XMEGA Programmer Here!
Hello, Great job Dean ! It worked for me seamless ! I still didn't manage to make it work with avrdude. I found that it's an issue on having it working on both avrdude and...
Friday, 16 July 2010 - 13:22
[TUT] [C] Bit manipulation (AKA "Programming 101")
I'm a beginner in embedded development and for small applications I really enjoy a simple mode to access a port pin directly ( like PORTA.1 or PORTA_1). I have found this example...
Tuesday, 2 September 2008 - 10:25
[TUT] [C] Bit manipulation (AKA "Programming 101")
First of all thanks for answer. I will answer why I need to do this : I writing an dmx receiver and I need to read the address of that receiver from a dipswitch pack. Because I...
Friday, 30 May 2008 - 13:50
[TUT] [C] Bit manipulation (AKA "Programming 101")
Hello , Please excuse my dumb question : how do I do octet/byte rotation in avrgcc ? I mean how do I wrote in C the equivalent of asm rol cmd ? Kind regards, Daniel
Friday, 30 May 2008 - 07:52
AVR GCC with Code Blocks (Code::Blocks)
Did you suceed to use the debugger ? I did not. I have tryed like you said but unsuccessfully. I'm receiving following errors : Setting breakpoints Debugger name and version: GNU...
Monday, 4 September 2006 - 12:41
embedded printing...
It is a intresting question and I have found a possibile way to do this : If you have a way to connect to an USB printer from an AVR device it is downhill to send some PCL...
Monday, 4 September 2006 - 08:09