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USART not sending char(s)
Hello! I'm trying to send numbers and letters through USART, and I'm having a strange problem of chars not being sent properly (or.. at all). Let me put it like this:   On...
Friday, 6 February 2015 - 22:59
Yet another 4x4 keyboard topic
Hello!   I'm having a problem implementing 4x4 keyboard to ATmega16, problem is that the script always detects a key, no matter if it's pressed or not. Problem also occurs if...
Sunday, 1 February 2015 - 22:37
MFRC-522 difficulties reading blocks
Hello! First of all, I'm new on this forum, and I hope I don't break any rules posting my question like this   I have a problem with ATmega8 and Mifare RC-522 based rfid...
Tuesday, 20 January 2015 - 20:51