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Interface to pager ?
Hi All - Has anyone done any interface to a pager yet ? Paging services are pretty cheap these days, and it seems like that could allow for a neat reach-out-and-touch type of...
Wednesday, 3 April 2002 - 01:06
Programming Serial DataFlash
Hi All - I'm starting to design an application that will make use of Atmel Serial DataFlash, probably the 64Mbit one AT45BD642. Haven't worked with this before ... One of my...
Saturday, 30 March 2002 - 04:39
AVR libraries for Protel or OrCAD ?
Hi All - Anyone know of any libraries available for Protel or OrCAD (importable to Protel :) Not just for the mcu's - I'm also looking for : DataFlash parts - http://www.atmel.com...
Sunday, 24 March 2002 - 16:56
Radio controlled clock ?
This looks kind of cool, except that it's in Europe :( No offense to Europe :) http://www.iar.com/Support/?note... Anything similar available for US based ? Dean.
Friday, 15 March 2002 - 22:05
In-vehicle datalogger
I'm toying with the idea of building a datalogger for a car. Myself and a bunch of friends do a fair amount of road-racing on tracks, so our cars are not typical factory stock....
Friday, 15 March 2002 - 20:42
UPS-type battery charging circuit needed
Hi All - I'm looking to build an application for a car mounted small PC. This would use one of the new micro-ATX motherboards - much more cost-effective than a true 12V-only SBC...
Monday, 11 March 2002 - 16:14
Which serial eeproms ?
Atmel makes several 1Mbit SPI serial eeproms. A few other companies make them as well, though most appear to be 512k at best, most smaller ... Who makes the largest serial...
Friday, 8 March 2002 - 23:38
Religious question - which schematic/pcb program ?
Heh - this is probably going to be a nasty thread ... Which schematic/pcb design programs do you find worthwhile, and why ? There's an ulterior motive for the question, later in...
Wednesday, 6 March 2002 - 00:17
AVR Books
Anyone know of any new AVR books coming out ? Most of the ones I've seen (at least in english) are from 1998 or 2000, so tend to be missing most of the cool new stuff ... Dean.
Monday, 4 March 2002 - 06:27
General LED current limiting question
This is really a pretty basic question ... Why is it that most designs seem to use an individual resistor for each LED ? What's wrong with using a single (perhaps higher wattage...
Sunday, 3 March 2002 - 23:16
How to control 150 LEDs ?
Hi All - I'm trying to figure out the best way to control 200 LEDs - each individually. They're arranged in 5 groups of 40, so this is almost definitely a job for a mega128. One...
Wednesday, 27 February 2002 - 04:09
Registration not working ?
Hrm. I've tried to register for an ID here for a couple of days. Nada. That is, I never received a password. Going through the Lost Password routing, it claims to send me a new...
Tuesday, 26 February 2002 - 16:57