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PROGMEM and memcpy_P
Hi, I something don't understand, I wrote this code: char foo[]PROGMEM="Simple string"; volatile char string_2[7]; void f_string(volatile char *str)//this function sends a...
Saturday, 10 September 2005 - 16:39
rs232 and frame formats
Hi, I usually use a frame format with 8 data bits and 1 stop bit. Can someone explain me when and why is used a frame formats with 5, 6, 7 or 9 data bits? I have read some...
Tuesday, 6 September 2005 - 21:14
SREG and T-bit
Hi all, in my 'if' statement I need only one bit in register to control it, like this: if(my_bit==0) some code here else some code here Can I use T-bit in SREG to control...
Friday, 2 September 2005 - 08:29
float vs fixed point ?
hi, I don't understand something, I have been reading this article http://www.embedded.com/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=15201575 about fixed point math in C and I wrote this simple...
Sunday, 28 August 2005 - 21:07
WinAvr and optimization?
Hi, I have been reading in avr-libc manual about a code optimization in WinAvr and I know (if I understood clearly) that is -Os for code size optimization and -O1, -O2 or -O3 is...
Wednesday, 10 August 2005 - 14:02
programmer for ATmega48 AVR
Hi everybody, I looking for a working programer schematic and its software to program the ATmega48 AVR, can anyone help me? thanks alot
Saturday, 2 July 2005 - 19:25