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input capture always running?
Hi everyone, I've done a careful read of the datasheet, and I just have a few questions about the input capture capabilities (mainly of the 2313): - it seems that input capture is...
Tuesday, 8 May 2007 - 15:01
uC controlled current source?
Hi, I am looking for a way for a microcontroller to control a current source. The current source only needs to be adjustable in the range of 0 - 100 mA. Continuous adjustment...
Sunday, 22 April 2007 - 18:51
efficiently forming a 32-bit integer from two 16-bit values
I was wondering if there is an efficient way to form a 32-bit integer from two 16-bit ints. For example, I have the following declarations: unsigned long cnt[10]; unsigned int...
Tuesday, 29 August 2006 - 08:06
250 or 249?
quick question... I want to generate an output compare interrupt every 250 timer clocks using timer 0. Do I set OCR0A to 249 or 250? thanks, cm
Monday, 28 August 2006 - 17:45
serial i/o with the Butterfly demo app
Hello, I have modified the Butterfly demo program to output a simple string via the serial port, and I am getting very strange results. Specifically, I am getting a lot of garbage...
Tuesday, 8 August 2006 - 22:34
Standard 5-pin header?
Hi, I was wondering if there is a "standard" 5-pin programming header (ISP) layout for AVRs. I've implemented them on some of my smaller boards, but it just dawned on me that it...
Tuesday, 25 July 2006 - 17:57
programming AVR and SPI EEPROM
Hello everyone! I have a project which uses an attiny2313 and a SPI EEPROM like an AT25256A. The eeprom is on the SPI bus (SCK, SPI_IN, SPI_OUT). I was wondering if there was a...
Wednesday, 12 July 2006 - 16:49
reading consumer wireless thermometers
Hello, I was wondering if anyone has done any work to figure out how consumer wireless thermometers transmit their data to the base station. I would be interested in building a...
Wednesday, 6 July 2005 - 06:37
Recommended dev board for 2313?
Hello, I'm new to AVR development, and I would like to get some recommendations on development boards for AVR uc's. Right now I'm interested in using 2313's, but it would be nice...
Tuesday, 31 May 2005 - 16:02