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simple bootloader
I am trying to write a bootloader for an atmega328 (datasheet here) but am having difficulty writing a simple program from boot. Here is my setup.   In prog.c, I am setting...
Saturday, 15 November 2014 - 03:55
setting bootloader start address
I am writing a bootloader application but can't seem to get it to consistently launch from either 0x0000 or the Boot Reset Address (0x3800 - from here, Table 27-13, I am using an...
Thursday, 13 November 2014 - 23:05
simavr usage
I am trying to get a simulator working on linux and it appears that  is a popular choice. Unfortunately, I am having difficulty calling it. With an atmega328 and...
Thursday, 6 November 2014 - 14:38
simple assembly program
I am going through the assembly tutorial here and adapted it to a simple implementation to turn on an LED for an ATTiny861 (datasheet here). The code is   #include "tn861def...
Sunday, 2 November 2014 - 22:22