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Is is possible to let preprocessor know if a marco is used
Hi, I have a marco called: #define INIT_ASYNCH_U2X_USART1(baudrate, options) So is it possible to let preprocessor detect if this marco is been used in the source code?
Tuesday, 6 March 2007 - 14:24
Is it possible to let a macro represent 3 lines of code?
Hi, guys, I have been thinking about this for several hours. I'm wondering if a macro can be defined to represent for example: #if a > 1 #error "error" #endif
Tuesday, 6 March 2007 - 10:45
Anyone use Xmodem in TeraTerm?
Hi, just wondering if anyone use TeraTerm for file transmission here. In the Xmodem-crc file transmission, I always get the first packet been sent twice from TeraTerm, and my...
Sunday, 4 March 2007 - 10:30
About the safty of Xmodem-crc file transmission
Hi guys, I just realized a bug in my Xmodem-crc file transmission interface that I built by mega128 and TeraTerm. I did the whole text interface by C in mega128, so TeraTerm is...
Sunday, 4 March 2007 - 10:20
how to use if else endif in makefile?
Hi, guys, I just wanna let my makefile recognize the CPU type then automatically choose the bootloader address. I wrote: # MCU name MCU = atmega1281 ifeq ($(MCU),atmega128...
Tuesday, 6 February 2007 - 19:59
how to let 1 makefile universial to all project codes?
Hi, guys, I use the makefile from winavr. I just noticed how time consuming to change a small mistake in all the makefiles in all different project subfolders. I use to put one...
Monday, 5 February 2007 - 11:14
How to define FLASHEND in makefile
Hi, I found FLASHEND quite good to use and I want to let makefile have this also, because everytime before I compile my BL, I need to change the CPU type and together with its BL...
Wednesday, 24 January 2007 - 14:37
AVRStudio 4.12 crash when start running JTAG or simulation!
Hi, I'm using AVRStudio 4.12 SP4 and I can't use my JTAGICE to debug my code in it, everytime I open a project it pop up error says: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library bla bla...
Tuesday, 23 January 2007 - 11:01
why Device: Unknown in WinAVR 20070101's makefile
Hi, I just notice that the result of my compiling shows Quote: Size after: AVR Memory Usage ---------------- Device: Unknown Program: 2974 bytes (.text + .data + .bootloader)...
Sunday, 21 January 2007 - 21:31
the easiest way to let bootloader know where it came from?
Hi, guys, I just got a idea for my bootloader. I want it starts when my Mega128 is powered on, and then wait 3 second for a push button which means I want to use bootloader to...
Sunday, 21 January 2007 - 20:49
New warning for dtostrf in WINAVR20070101
Hi, I just installed WINAVR20070101 and recompile the old code, and I got a new warning for dtostrf: warning: pointer targets in passing argument 4 of 'dtostrf' differ in...
Sunday, 7 January 2007 - 08:53
How to reflash ATAVRISP?
Hi, guys, I got two broken ATAVRISP with me now and I want to reflash them to see if they wake up again. So I have read out the hex file from AT90LS838 in a working one by another...
Saturday, 6 January 2007 - 15:07