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Multiple ADC pins usage
The AVR can not access pins simultaneously. You need to set ADMUX, get the sample, set the ADMUX for the second input, then get the other sample. I usually use an ADC complete...
Monday, 22 February 2010 - 20:19
New ATmega32M1
Arrow also does not have them. Do any distributors have them?
Tuesday, 6 October 2009 - 20:55
assembler interrupts
An interupt routine needs to save every register it changes, plus the status register. To save the status register, the "in" needs to be before the "push". To restore, the "out"...
Monday, 28 September 2009 - 16:43
Question regarding pull-up resistors
The further away it is, the more noise and capacitance you have. The stronger pull-up will overpower the noise and the capacitance.
Thursday, 10 September 2009 - 19:32
Question regarding pull-up resistors
The internal pull up is generally good enough for an on-board switch. I would use something stronger for off-board.
Thursday, 10 September 2009 - 19:15
Flash string at specific location
You are right, it is a Mega 8. I have done this with IAR and I assumed or hoped it was possible with GCC.
Thursday, 3 September 2009 - 17:02
How to waste a few clock cycles
This is what I do to waste about 128 cycles: unsigned char n; n = 200; do n++; while (n); /* 4 uP cycles per iteration */
Thursday, 3 September 2009 - 16:14
Low and high bytes
I found it! It should be: ldi r28,lo8(Analog) ldi r29,hi8(Analog)
Wednesday, 2 September 2009 - 20:19
Assembly Interupt Service Routine
Now I see it! It should be in r16,_SFR_IO_ADDR(SREG) Thanks!
Wednesday, 2 September 2009 - 18:51
Assembly Interupt Service Routine
No, I did not see that. Thanks. I now have: #include #include .extern Option, Tilt, Analog, Tilt_state .global TIM1_OVF_vect TIM1_OVF_vect: push r16 in r16,SREG push r16 I...
Wednesday, 2 September 2009 - 18:46
CAN Protocol
Atmel, Microchip, Bosch and others have some very good application notes on the subject. What are you trying to do?
Wednesday, 2 September 2009 - 16:14
any links/info on embedded automotive systems?
Quote:That is a bit of a overgeneralisation like every automotive module needs to have CANBus You have a point. I meant that if it has a CAN bus, it would use SAE J1939 rather...
Wednesday, 1 July 2009 - 20:32