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Hello, Does anyone know where I might get non-BGA (e.g TSOP) PSRAM chips from (70ns, 1M x 16 or better) in small quantities (
Sunday, 21 December 2008 - 21:52
Hi, Just a quick question, why do the delay functions (_delay_ms and _delay_us) defined in util/delay.h begin with underscores? Matt.
Wednesday, 13 August 2008 - 12:17
Default linker scripts for avr libc
Hello, Are the default linker scripts for GCC somehow embedded in ld these days? I cannot find the scripts installed anywhere on my system or in the latest avr-libc source code...
Thursday, 24 July 2008 - 18:23
AP7 - Encrypting Firmware?
Hi, I'm fairly new to the AVR32 architecture and I'm considering using a AT32AP7002 in a user-interface application. The device pretty much fulfils all my requirements exception...
Friday, 25 April 2008 - 18:15
GNU as syntax
Hello, Sorry if this has been asked before, I did have a look around prior to writing this but could not find what I needed. I've done plenty of assembly using Atmel's assembler...
Wednesday, 13 February 2008 - 22:11
Which I/O register to abuse?
Hello, Related to my recent 'finding first bit set' post, I'm looking to speed up a bitmapped priority queue I'm trying to implement even further. Ideally, I would like to be able...
Wednesday, 19 December 2007 - 17:06
Finding first bit set
Hello, Does anyone know of a fast algorithm for finding the position of the first bit set in a byte? Obviously shifting through the byte until the first '1' is encountered will do...
Tuesday, 18 December 2007 - 12:40
C++ and out of memory situations
Hello, Normally, when the new operator is invoked to allocate memory for an object when insufficient memory for it exists, a 'new handler' is called. Custom handlers can be...
Thursday, 6 December 2007 - 00:39
Overlapping data
Hi, I have two object files that will be linked into the same piece of firmware but code in neither will ever be executed at the same time. The code in one object file is executed...
Wednesday, 21 November 2007 - 22:55
Amontec JTAGkey - ISP
Hello, Would anyone happen to have used an Amontec JTAGkey to program an AVR via ISP (i.e. not JTAG), preferably via Linux? If so, please could you let me know what tools you used...
Tuesday, 16 October 2007 - 15:45
Very fast/small random number generator
Hello, I'm trying to find a means of producing a pseudo-random s 8-bit values in AVR assembly (ATmega) using as few processor cycles as possible. I'm aware of LFSR-type approaches...
Thursday, 11 October 2007 - 16:07
Automatic clock selection
Basically, is it possible for an ATmega88 to somehow fall back on using the internal RC oscillator if a crystal/external clock is not present?.. or start up on the RC, see if the...
Friday, 5 October 2007 - 12:04