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How to Convert Imported Arduino Sketch to C-Style main.c in Atmel Studio?
i imported to Atmel Studio, and successfully compiled, the sketch below, filename Sketch.cpp   Then i removed Sketch.cpp , and replaced it with the following main.c. main.c...
Thursday, 15 March 2018 - 01:44
ATMega328P Xplained Mini No Longer Recognized
hi   Previously, Atmel Studio and Windows Device Manager recognized my ATMega328P Xplained Mini board, as described here. i successfully programmed the board...
Sunday, 11 March 2018 - 22:13
blink times about double
hello,   it's 8 years later, and i'm seeing blink times about double what they should be. Before i try the WinAVR fix above, i thought i'd check and see if that's still the...
Friday, 9 March 2018 - 17:16
How to Download Remorse for Mega328p?
Hi   i found this page, but can't find the solution or code download for Remorse:   http://asf.atmel.com/docs/latest...   Also found this page, but cannot find...
Friday, 9 March 2018 - 16:05
How to Type Into Serial Port Terminal in Data Visualizer?
hi   Testing the Remorse sketch in ATMega328p Xplained Mini, i'm able to receive data from the board, but i cannot seem to type anything into the terminal.   
Thursday, 8 March 2018 - 00:37
How to Open CDC Virtual COM Terminal?
Hi   Atmel Studio 7.0.1645 Windows 8.1 ATmega328P Xplained Mini   I want to demo the Remorse sketch built into the Xplained board.   I have the board connected to...
Wednesday, 7 March 2018 - 23:42
Conflict with Adafruit_PWMServoDriver on `TinyWireM.send` #13
Arduino board: Digispark Arduino IDE version: 1.8.5 Steps to reproduce the problem:   -- Ensure a basic sketch works with the uC. -- Install Adafruit PWM Servo Driver...
Thursday, 1 March 2018 - 23:34
Can debugWIRE Setting Be Rolled Back?
i'm trying to compile some code for an ATTiny85 on a bare board, using Atmel Studio 7, with a JTAGICE3 (see pic below). Atmel Studio seems to recognize the ATTiny85 with no...
Friday, 5 January 2018 - 12:20
Atmel Studio Error with Code Ported From Arduino: "ld returned 1 exit status"
hello   What's causing this error?   i'm trying to compile some code for an ATTiny85 on a bare board, using Atmel Studio 7, with a JTAGICE3 (see pic below). But Atmel...
Friday, 5 January 2018 - 09:53
I2C libraries for ATTiny85? SoftI2CMaster VS. TinyWire VS. ?
I want to transmit I2C data, using a Digispark ATTiny85 board:  http://digistump.com/products/1  http://digistump.com/wiki/digisp...   I've found the following...
Wednesday, 3 January 2018 - 07:45
PSDU data rate vs data rate
Hi The datasheet for part AT86RF212B says: "O-QPSK with... 1000kb/s PSDU data rate". Is it possible to achieve overall 1000kb/s data rate? I tried to research "PSDU data rate",...
Tuesday, 4 August 2015 - 16:59
attiny85 PLL: Use External VCO As Tracker?
Hi Regarding attiny85 Can I drive an external VCO with the PLL, to make the external VCO track an attiny internal oscillator? I'm guessing this is the opposite of the normal...
Tuesday, 6 January 2015 - 05:34