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LCD Controller ST7529
Hi all, I'm trying to get an ST7529 lcd controller to operate, i'm using it in 8bit (8080) parallel mode, I can read and write to/from the display without problem. But I can get...
Wednesday, 13 August 2008 - 17:11
Atmega168 Lockup after programming
Hi All, When programming my atmega168 I switched over to use the internal 8 MHz clock sucessfully, I then erased the device, loaded in my bootloader, now the device is locked...
Wednesday, 14 March 2007 - 15:43
Has anyone come across the reason/solution to debugwire failure code "MAX_BIT_LENGTH_DIFF"?
Tuesday, 20 February 2007 - 15:27
Atmega168 Low clock speed
Hi All, Has anyone any experience of running an Atmega168 at 250KHz, any problem with the TWI, ADC, eeprom or flash writing? Regards, Dave
Monday, 27 November 2006 - 08:15