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using ADC for infrequent detection - best practices
I'm using an accelerometer to detect impacts that last on the order of 1 millisecond to 4 milliseconds. Compared to the duration of the impact itself, the frequency of the impacts...
Tuesday, 8 November 2011 - 10:50
reverse engineering
Is it possible for someone else to "see" my code once it's been programmed onto a chip?
Wednesday, 6 December 2006 - 16:11
Migrating off the STK-500 to a stand-alone, self-power PCB
Hi, I am trying to migrate my system off the STK-500 development board onto a stand-alone PCB. A simple blinking LED test fails to work. Removing the ATMega32 from the IC socket...
Tuesday, 1 February 2005 - 20:48
slightly OT: gold vs. tin connectors
In ordering parts from Digikey, I noticed that several components come in two flavors: gold plated pins or tin pins. Besides one being more economical than the other :) , what...
Thursday, 20 January 2005 - 15:20
Noobie Question, how to connect clock
:?: It probably doesn't get any simpler than this. I'm a newby here. Did some searches but couldn't find what I was looking for... so here goes some really simple questions: 1)...
Thursday, 16 December 2004 - 20:10