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memory usage
I have a project with several files and I want to know how many ram are each one of my modules using, can I do this? I know I have the summary at the end of compile given by the...
Wednesday, 22 November 2006 - 12:01
avr-gdb under emacs
Can anyone help me on how to watch variables value under emacs? I can run the gbd mode and step into the code but I want to watch for some var value (structs most of the time), so...
Monday, 20 November 2006 - 15:47
Structs question
I need to clarify one thing. I have a struct, something like this: typedef struct { uint16_t a; uint8_t b; uint32_t c; uint16_t crc16; } TEST_STRUCT;...
Friday, 17 November 2006 - 17:06
use sizeof under #define
I want to define this: #include typedef struct { uint8_t a; uint16_t b; } TEST_ST; #define TEST_ST_SIZE (sizeof(TEST_ST)) But I get errors saying: "sizeof is not...
Thursday, 16 November 2006 - 12:52
Multi dim array in FLASH
I want to save some strings to write to an LCD in the flash. I want to be able to choose the language for the messages so I was thinking in a multidimensional array. What's the...
Monday, 13 November 2006 - 12:26
GSM modem interface
I need some help for creating an algorithm to communicate with a GSM modem. Let me explain: - I want to use UART int's to send/receive at commands - I want to send an at command...
Friday, 22 September 2006 - 16:20
External editor
Hi, can I define an external editor in the AVR Studio? Will it work when debugging? Thanks, Bruno
Friday, 22 September 2006 - 16:07
avr-gcc under Suse
I need help to download avr-gcc + avr-binutils + avr-libc to compile under Suse 9.3 and Suse 10.0 Anyone knows where can I find the packages or, if available, the rpm? Thanks,...
Wednesday, 20 September 2006 - 14:24
Splint to check winavr/avr-gcc code
Anyone here uses splint to check C code? I need some help... Thanks, Bruno
Monday, 18 September 2006 - 17:14
alphanumeric LCD scrolling text
Hi, I want your opinion to write a program that scrolls text on a regular HH44780 LCD. I've the LCD connected to a train of 3x 4094 (8 db's + 3 ctrl and some other stuff). I've...
Friday, 15 September 2006 - 16:44
Smart cards
Anyone here using sle4442 smart card from Siemens? I need some help writing to this card... Thanks, Bruno
Wednesday, 6 September 2006 - 16:31
Struct size
I want to use (and abuse) structs on a project but I need to know if there's some kinda limitation on the size of structs using gcc? I need to store ~250 bytes per struct and have...
Tuesday, 29 August 2006 - 15:28