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Large 2x16 LCD with double row pins doesn't exist!
... or does it? In our products, we are using character LCDs (with backlight) of the two most common size, the one with ~5mm character height and the one with ~8mm character...
Tuesday, 13 January 2009 - 12:47
TXB0104 interface level translator
I'm trying to redesign a project which has an m128 @ 5V connected via SPI directly to a 3,3V dataflash and only SO(data out) is currently converted to 5V via a tranzistor. That...
Saturday, 24 November 2007 - 17:04
sound clipping detection algorithm
I am building a sound application, similar to AVR335: Digital Sound Recorder with AVR and Serial DataFlash. The ADC with 5V reference captures 8-bit long sound data @ 8KHz...
Sunday, 25 September 2005 - 16:23
ALE toggles when XRAM is enabled!
Yes, I know that that's the idea, to toggle ALE pin in every XRAM access. As ATmega162 datasheets states, when the XRAM interface is enabled, there is activity on pins: ALE, portA...
Sunday, 18 January 2004 - 01:21