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Unable to locate V8P and V8N source on STK500 schematic.
i am troubleshooting a dead board and cannot locate the source of these two voltages. Ref drawing #A9903.3.1000C Any help would be appreciated
Friday, 28 April 2006 - 17:03
stack overflow test. any sources, ideas, etc.
can anyone point me to some stack over flow test ideas?
Wednesday, 3 August 2005 - 20:48
Anyone recievd tiny25 samples from atmel yet?
Been asking for a couple of months... never a reply.
Wednesday, 3 August 2005 - 20:44
TIny15 published Iq at power down based on external clock?
The data sheet states that Iq should be around 9 micro amps. i'm drawing around 800 microamps, but am using the internal oscillator. is the published spec based on an external...
Sunday, 10 July 2005 - 21:56
How to handle reset pin on tiny15
I am supplying power to a tiny15 using a 78l05 with 0.1 filter cap. I do not use the reset pin on the device. can I tie the pin to Vcc, or should I use a pull up with cap to...
Wednesday, 9 February 2005 - 15:37
Debugging the tiny 26?
Atmel says that studio version 3 is required to debug the tiny26. i loaded 3.56 but still could not find that device as supported. is it in an earlier version?
Thursday, 7 October 2004 - 00:56
debug crashes in Studio4b356 with tiny15
everything was working fine, but when I try to load the debugger, the program quits.
Thursday, 16 September 2004 - 21:39