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Butterfly external power
Hi: According to the butterfly manual, the maximum value for the external power is 4.5V. On the other hand, the maximum Vcc voltage for the dataflash, according to the datasheet,...
Sunday, 21 October 2007 - 04:47
AVR article in spanish wikipedia
I just added an AVR article in the spanish wikipedia http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/AVR . It is a translation of the AVR article in the english wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/...
Monday, 3 April 2006 - 14:21
AVR running at 3.3V + DS1305 + 3V lithium battery
Hi : I have a system running at 3.3V, with an AVR and a DS1305 RTC. For the RTC I use a 3V coin lithium battery connected in the Vbat pin. The DS1305 is accessible only if VCC...
Friday, 4 November 2005 - 13:59
Mega 8 signature bytes are wrong.
Hi : I have a mega8, which signature bytes are 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF. The calibration bytes also read 0xFF. Except from this, everything works right (flash programming, program, etc)....
Tuesday, 26 October 2004 - 19:07
[OT]Interesting article: Opto isolation of the I2C bus
Here is an article about optoisolation of the I2C bus. I hope is useful to someone.
Friday, 15 October 2004 - 20:34
ANN : Kargador, a new bootloader.
I am glad to announce that a new bootloader, called Kargador, is available. The bootloader is composed by two parts. A windows application called Kargador, and an AVR program....
Thursday, 4 March 2004 - 15:04