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any pico power devices available?
Has anyone ever held one of those pico power devices in his hands? I am looking for a substitute to an MSP430F135 which is running an RTC with
Saturday, 30 December 2006 - 11:49
CP2200 ethernet controller
Did anyone recognise the announcement of the CP2200 ethernet controller of SiLabs? This could be the ideal solution to connect an AVR to the ethernet. I know that many of us were...
Tuesday, 7 March 2006 - 14:29
AT90PWMx availability
Does anyone on this list use one of the abovementioned AT90PWM chips. After getting samples more than a year ago, I am not able to get any information, when and if production...
Tuesday, 7 February 2006 - 08:40
Advice needed on AVR GCC code optimization
I do not want to start a new 'compiler war', I just need some advice from experienced users of the GCC tools (WinAVR): I have been a defender of the IAR compiler since a long...
Thursday, 17 November 2005 - 13:36
Connect CYWM6935 WirelessUSB to AVR
Hey there, just got some samples of Cypress Wireless-USB modules CYWM6935 (after nearly half a year). I want to use these together with an ATmega8 or ATmega88 for battery...
Friday, 19 August 2005 - 19:58