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Portable x86 device with MS-DOS
Technically not x86 and also not a total system (monitor, keyboard, mouse, power supply etc.) but what about:    
Friday, 15 January 2016 - 19:58
What type of USB B connector do you usually use?
crwper wrote:Seems pretty silly now, but... I built a product using the Hirose UX60C-MB-5ST mini B connector. Had a few hundred units out in the field, and then I started getting...
Wednesday, 17 April 2013 - 16:59
Want to learn c
Everybody learns differently but I found "Absolute Beginners Guide..." (linked in OP) to be very good.
Tuesday, 16 April 2013 - 20:38
codevision avr and core i3 and window 7
I have a Core i5 processor and Windows 7 and Codevision will run on it. Go to and follow the instructions for Windows Vista. There are some...
Monday, 24 October 2011 - 19:56
String Parsing
Here is the tutorial from Jim (ka7ehk):
Thursday, 29 September 2011 - 15:03
String Parsing
My memory might be totally off but doesn't Smiley cover finite state machines in his book using the Butterfly? (Just checked and yes, it is in chapter 10 of "C Programming of...
Thursday, 29 September 2011 - 12:12
54 a2d channels 0-5v Page 15 even shows one way of getting multiple of 8 channels. Using 4 of the above circuits and 4 ADC channels on an AVR would net you 96...
Tuesday, 20 September 2011 - 12:09
codevision avr and intel i3 and atmega8535
Didn't I read on this site that a USB to LPT converter won't work because of the bit banging required? Maybe I am wrong.
Thursday, 15 September 2011 - 11:19
Books about Programming XMEGA in C ( and Assembler ) ?
There is this: but it is VERY expensive (in my opinion). I have a copy and it is fair. For my tastes it spends too much time describing how the...
Friday, 9 September 2011 - 18:08
new products of atmega 8 model numbered 1033, any problem?
I didn't read every word of every post so maybe someone has already mentioned the possibility that you have received "fake" (the proper term escapes me right now) AVR's. Parts...
Thursday, 8 September 2011 - 16:19
Books about Programming XMEGA in C ( and Assembler ) ?
Hi Rolf, I just recently made the switch from assembly and BASCOM to CodevisionAVR C compiler. I also wish to use a Xmega and I did not turn up any books specific to the Xmega. I...
Thursday, 8 September 2011 - 12:45
Pin compatibility between USB and non-USB XMEGAs..?
Maybe I am missing something but it appears to me that the "U" series only come in the A3 and A4 versions of the xmega's. Again, unless I missed something (only did a quick check...
Thursday, 1 September 2011 - 12:22