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timer0 overflow
Can someone explain the concept of using the tcnt0 reg for different timing? What value should i use in tcnt0 to have 1 second when using a 7.3728Mhz external xtl?
Friday, 19 May 2006 - 00:38
stk total current is too high on sleep mode
Hi I am trying to measure the mega 128 total power consumption on power save mode and the results are quite unreasonable and I am probably missing something on the way. I...
Monday, 1 May 2006 - 21:11
Exceeding the controller endurance specification??
After using the JTAG mkl2 successfully, I tried the release version of my code by downloading it to the flash. Apparently it looks like it is not acting similar to the JTAG debug...
Tuesday, 25 April 2006 - 07:25
Led Fluctuation without process interference
Dear Freinds, My current task is to run a fluctuating led on the stk500 while doing another process for example as receiving data from my controller UART. I am trying to think...
Tuesday, 14 March 2006 - 12:00
converting int to hex number
Hi Freaks, I need the shortest way to convert one diget integer to ascci, My compiler IAR is not supporting itoa() , anyone can help with a sample code? Thanks
Monday, 13 March 2006 - 00:04
IAR Cspy to check if interupts are enabled
Hi, I added timer interupt in my program and i wanted to check if the interupt is working on the Cspy . On the mkl2 , the debugger reaches the brackpoint which is enabled inside...
Tuesday, 7 March 2006 - 11:56
STK clock for Mega128
Hi , Can somone tell - if i would like to use the internal LC clock of the mega128 , xtal1 and oscsel jumpers should be disabled or enabled? Thanks,
Sunday, 20 November 2005 - 00:10
uart baud rate on the mega128
Hi I am currenty migarting from teh 8515 to the mega 128 . On the stk501 we have 32kHZ Xtal. If i would like to use it in order to determine the USART baud rate. which value do i...
Thursday, 3 November 2005 - 22:46
at command in c code problem
Hi, I am writing a C code to send to a modem at commands which are examined on the hyperterminal. I need to send a buffer that was saved to the 8515 RAM following to a constant...
Tuesday, 25 October 2005 - 21:14
Recieving Strings from the UART in C
Dear lydies and gents, I am tring to figure out what is the best way to send strings of charecters to the UART and in the same time - receive, using C functions. I am using the...
Thursday, 15 September 2005 - 19:30
Workbench error for a simple UART program
hi, I am a beginner with AVR and currently working with the IAR embeded workbench compiler. So i was trying to compile a simple code that you all probebly know for recieve and...
Tuesday, 13 September 2005 - 17:58
Migration from assembly to c
Dear All! I have started recently to do some assembly programming with the AVR studio 4 and the stk500 and do to the fact that my algorithm is quit complex , i must go back to C....
Saturday, 10 September 2005 - 13:13