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Assembler vs C
I think C and assembly each have their pros and cons and the best language to use is the one that we are more comfortable with for whatever reason. It could well be forth, Basic...
Thursday, 25 May 2006 - 00:23
square root function
Maybe you could use the Atmel app. note (AVR200) for 16bit / 16bit and expand it to 32 / 32 bits.
Thursday, 7 October 2004 - 11:35
A2D - Reading temperature w/diode and misc. questions
Maybe the diode is too old??
Monday, 4 October 2004 - 18:22
You can even get chips with AVR and FPGA in the same package. From my experience, I used Xilinx in the past and they are great if you want to reprogram the logic on the fly. It's...
Monday, 4 October 2004 - 18:21
UART transmit with EEPROM read
IMHO, the UART should not stop. If it is does, it could create timing errors during transmission. That would be a bad design for the AVR it is the case.
Saturday, 2 October 2004 - 22:37
A2D - Reading temperature w/diode and misc. questions
dsandber wrote:Hachey, that is very clever. Is that kind of thing known to be precise enough? It is quite simple hardware-wise, can't wait to give it a shot. Are the values you...
Saturday, 2 October 2004 - 14:22
A2D - Reading temperature w/diode and misc. questions
If you want to measure temperature with a diode, you can use the comparator in the mega16. Connect the diode cathode to ground and the anode to the + side of the comparator with...
Wednesday, 29 September 2004 - 12:12
Operating System / RT kernel
None of the above. Custom made :roll:
Sunday, 26 September 2004 - 22:49
Somebody know the ZigBee Technology?
I'm waiting too. Keep in mind that Zigbee is simpler but communicate slower too than Bluetooth. With an AVR, it should be fast enough. You can find more info. at
Wednesday, 22 September 2004 - 18:29
C++ class vs C & structs
What do yo mean by difference? According to my programmer buddy, both are equivalent and should give about the same size of storage space in the memory but with C++ you can have...
Tuesday, 14 September 2004 - 11:50
Teenagers should write software
Ha Ha! I like it. :D . Sometime, you have to ask several times before the task is actually done. :wink: I'm glad they are not all like that. :D
Tuesday, 7 September 2004 - 13:12
JTAG-ICE from Atmel seminar
I received a JTAG ICE mkII last month. I didn't have the time to try it yet. I was at the seminar in Montreal and the sales guy told me that if they don't have enough old...
Monday, 30 August 2004 - 15:21