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Strange EMC problem with ATmega324P
We have an emission problem with an ATmega324P running with a 16MHz crystal. We get peaks at 32MHz, 48MHz, 64MHz, 80MHz and 96MHz. For some reason the 64MHz and the 96MHz peaks...
Wednesday, 18 June 2008 - 08:28
problem with bootloader for ATmega324P
Hi All, For some reason I can't get the processor to write the first page of 64 words to the flash. I have checked the TWI communication and the master send all pages, including...
Thursday, 17 April 2008 - 14:08
boot lock modes and interrupts
Hi all, In the application note AVR109 table 1 the description of mode 4 is "No read access (data or interrupt execution) from the other section." My interpretation of this is...
Wednesday, 2 January 2008 - 10:41
debugging an AVRmega8535 using SPI
Hi, I am new to the AVR (actually I used it four years ago) and wonder if there is a good solution for debugging the AVRmega8535 using the SPI interface. A monitor for example...
Monday, 23 August 2004 - 18:47