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Does the SPI send the MSB first.  My setup is shown below: /*! \brief Initializes LCD_NOKIA resources: GPIO, SPI  */ void lcd_nokia_resources_init(void); void...
Thursday, 6 November 2014 - 21:32
STK1000 & STK1006 7" LC Display
STK1000 & STK1006 going to the highest bidder at the end of this month.  Also includes a 7" DIABLO16 Intelligent Display.
Thursday, 9 October 2014 - 12:02
External Interrupt
ignore, found the problem Hi guys, I have two external interrupts enabled however only one works. The code is below for anyone to have a look at and if possible, point me out...
Thursday, 30 May 2013 - 12:53
Reading 16 bit port
How may I read 16 bits (inline) from port A without having to process each port pin. Maybe I could read all 32 bits and parse the 16bits I desire from that. What will the effects...
Wednesday, 29 May 2013 - 20:22
I placed _init_startup() before main however it is not being called. Could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong. I though because it is a weak function then by defining it will...
Thursday, 16 May 2013 - 19:51
Hello guys, I'm having trouble with interrupts. Basically I'm getting errors in the interrupt routines. I'm using 5 interrupts. One external, three timer counters and one for...
Friday, 10 May 2013 - 11:41
external interupt
hello guys, I have an external interrupt connected to a GPS module, it is connected to the PPS signal which generates a pulse every second. However, sometimes it detects an...
Thursday, 18 April 2013 - 18:05
how to set a SR bit in assembly
Hi, I knows its a stupid question but I'm really not good at assembly. How can I set the Global Interrupt bit in assembly? Thanks
Friday, 1 March 2013 - 16:14
it says that when the attribute for a function is set to "interrupt", say, "__attribute__((interrupt))void acquisition_irq(void)" that in side that interrupt routine interrupts...
Thursday, 31 January 2013 - 15:57
heap on external RAM
Hi freaks, I'm having trouble setting the heap to external memory on the AVR32 0512 processor. I've done it before for the EVK1104 dev. board using the pdf document Atmel...
Friday, 28 December 2012 - 15:15
Timmer Counters
Hi Freaks, I'm try to inialise two TC in compare mode. The code works when initialising one TC but when I rty another it fails to initialise the second one. When trying to...
Tuesday, 18 December 2012 - 13:04
Highest speed for PBA
Whats the highest frequency for the following: PLL0 PLL1 PBA PBB HSB 66M CPU 66M
Friday, 30 November 2012 - 15:23