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USB Stack Development Setup
Hi freaks,   I'm looking to start to learn the USB protocol.  So first of all I've found USB sniffer programs, a bit like Winshark.  How would I go about connecting...
Wednesday, 14 August 2019 - 20:42
help with Bubble Sort
Guys, i'm working on a bubble sort and its only resulting in a semi sorted list.  Long file names are not being sorted properly.   for (l = 0; l < entry_nr; l...
Tuesday, 16 July 2019 - 14:49
ternary operator virginity
Why is this failing to compile?   (nr_entries1 > nr_entries2) ? nr_entries = nr_entries1 : nr_entries = nr_entries2; 
Sunday, 14 July 2019 - 17:08
allocating memory to an array of pointers doesn't work
Hi guys, what's wrong with this???   char * strings[10];; for(int i = 0; i < 10; i++) strings[i] = safe_malloc(255); 
Saturday, 13 July 2019 - 20:19
code never executed
Hi guys, I have a function and I set a value, "boundary_violation", but later when I test it, it never executes?  Have a look at the snapshot.  // locate number of...
Monday, 1 July 2019 - 17:48
this one is for clawson
clawson, when a directory entry occurs at the boundary of a cluster do you split the directory between the two clusters, or move on to the next cluster and not split the entry?
Saturday, 29 June 2019 - 02:08
Hi guys, I'm preparing to start USB development.  Can I use the CDC class for things like keyboards and mass storage? I'm waiting on a book called "Embedded USB".  ...
Sunday, 23 June 2019 - 17:19
Just how fast is the DMA transfer between memory(array) and sd card?  I'm thinking of losing the need for buffers to hold the (data and directory) clusters and loading/saving...
Wednesday, 19 June 2019 - 01:04
Raspberry Pi
Guys, what the Raspberry Pi like for embedded stuff, not Linux development? It's extremely cheap at £35 with 1 Gig of DDR RAM?   I suspect there is lots of baremetal stuff on...
Tuesday, 18 June 2019 - 15:49
Offset not being used
Guys I have a small routine that is not working.  Have a look below: /* * Get a new cluster bit from the File Allocation Table */ int get_cluster_bit(struct ff_file *...
Friday, 14 June 2019 - 16:14
clawson - data buffer
Hi Clawson, should I load one sector at a time into a data buffer or just load the entire cluster?  I'm guessing that to load one sector at a time would be best since it is...
Thursday, 6 June 2019 - 21:15
GettingStarted with USB
Hi freaks, I need to write a driver for a USB keyboard.  I however have not a clue on how to do this.  I' not familiar with USB.  Could anyone recommend a good book...
Monday, 3 June 2019 - 18:51