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I'll eat my hat if...
I'll eat my hat if someone could tell me why this segment of code does not set pin PB22 high.  AVR32-0512.   else if((icmp_header->type[0] == ICMP_REP) || (...
Wednesday, 11 October 2017 - 00:09
SOLVED Pointer crashing system
Solved, I forgot to add that I'm running at optimization level -O3 thus because I was not using some fields it failed.  when I moved * status higher up the ICMP_IDENT struct...
Sunday, 8 October 2017 - 21:03
ICMP CheckSum
Hi guys, how do you calculate the ICMP Checksum when the data is split into two or more telegrams?   Thanks
Wednesday, 4 October 2017 - 01:44
SOLVED Silly Question
Okay, this silly but I have a buffer called, " *identifier->data" I'm filling the buffer  and displaying the results saved in it.  However, at the end when I go to...
Monday, 2 October 2017 - 21:16
ARP and ICMP Protocols
Hi guys, I'm designing a small embedded TCP/IP stack to learn the protocols. Thus far I have the ARP system setup and working and have began work on the ICMP protocol. I notice...
Sunday, 24 September 2017 - 20:51
TCP/IP Sniffer
Hello freaks, could someone recommend a tcp/ip sniffer.  I'm planning on writing  tcp/ip stack.   thanks
Friday, 15 September 2017 - 00:09
simple copy error
Hi Freaks, it's me again.  I have a piece of code not behaving. You know how it is!  Anyway have a look at this:   static Bool Compliance(struct ipc_buffer_object...
Tuesday, 4 July 2017 - 18:39
Stupid Stupid USART
Hi guys, I'm having great difficulty finding why this USART does not work, it wont send the it not printing the test sting, "sms_print_string("AT+CMGF=1\r\n");". Maybe...
Monday, 3 July 2017 - 21:07
AT Command <ctrl z>
Hi guys, I'm sending SMS messages from a SIM900.  To send the text you have to press <ctrl z>.  How do I send such a command from USART?
Monday, 3 July 2017 - 16:56
Moving onto designing a TCP/IP Stack
Hi guys, I've started to write a TCP/IP Stack.  I only working with Ping at the moment.  However, I am limited to sending 1472 bytes.  Just wondering, is there a...
Thursday, 29 June 2017 - 22:08
MPU Stack Protection
Hi Guys, could some explain to me how this works?   mpu_enty->size = 0x011 mpu_entry->addr​, points to the stat address of 4K of memory // Check the base address: it...
Monday, 26 June 2017 - 23:38
USART Initialisation Failure
He guys, when I initialise a USART to receive incoming GPS NMEA characters it freazes the system SOMETIMES.  The Initalisation is as follows: Maybe it is receiving a...
Friday, 23 June 2017 - 02:51