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Hi there I am using 2 Arduino nano boards and want to implement full duplex data transfer between them..by using GPIO pins. Both devices can send or receive data. See diagram. Let...
Friday, 22 May 2020 - 10:27
Optimization technics for design
Hi, I am using the AT tiny 26(L) with Imagecraft compiler and AVR studio. I need to have a very optimum design so as to fit the entire requirements. Can anybody suggest some tips/...
Saturday, 15 January 2005 - 14:40
Read and Write EEPROM
Hi, I am using AT tiny 26 (L) with Image craft compiler and AVR studio. The code is in assembly. I need to do the following: 1. Store the data in EEPROM The data in EEPROM can be...
Saturday, 15 January 2005 - 14:36
SUT Fuses
Hi, I am using the AT tiny 26L with the Internal Calibrated RC oscillator at 4 MHz. The SUT fuses can be programmed for 4.1ms or 65ms. I understand that the SUT fuses provide the...
Wednesday, 5 January 2005 - 10:59
EEPROM Corruption during power on/off sequence
Hi, I am using AT tiny 26L and recently while browsing the net, I came across this remark: "Atmel warns that the first byte in the EEPROM array is occasionally corrupted during a...
Tuesday, 4 January 2005 - 09:15