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Problems /w Multichannel ADC Sampling on Atmega644
Yes, I apologize, ADMUX *is* getting changed. I had been debugging the code and had ADMUX set constant for testing.
Sunday, 16 March 2008 - 17:18
Problems /w Multichannel ADC Sampling on Atmega644
Well I've verified the ADC is reading the right data, but when I try and use it strange things are happening elsewhere, so I have other problems as well it seems.
Sunday, 16 March 2008 - 16:56
Problems /w Multichannel ADC Sampling on Atmega644
Ahh... that makes sense... I even read that in the data sheet :oops: I'll try using some capacitors first, since the pots are only sampled when a set button is pressed. I have...
Sunday, 16 March 2008 - 15:04
Delay needed between ADC channel change in ATMEGA128?
You're not alone, I'm having the same problem. The ADC reads are just unpredictable... it's really annoying.
Saturday, 15 March 2008 - 02:36
avrdude and -P option for usb (in Windows)?
Any insight into this issue is helpful. I've had the same problem.
Wednesday, 13 February 2008 - 04:35
She lives!!! :shock: :shock:
Monday, 11 February 2008 - 19:33
AVRISP mkII problems
I too have the flashing orange light problem, but I can attest that AVRDude has been programming my Atmega644 all weekend long with no issues. At this point I have to say, I'm...
Monday, 11 February 2008 - 01:49