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puts() not working, printf() is okay
I am trying to set up some USART redirection (no ASF). I have created a _write() function that works fine with printf(). However, for some reason it doesn't work with puts()....
Thursday, 20 January 2022 - 11:50
Anyone used Siglent oscilloscopes with Sigrok?
I'm looking at options for a 16 channel logic analyzer (100MHz+) and 4 channel oscilloscope. I see Siglent does some decent looking scopes that seem to meet the requirement, and...
Tuesday, 21 December 2021 - 14:55
Detecting phase changes with an MCU
Apologies if this isn't the right place to post this, but I haven't selected an MCU yet and the selection will depend on how I'm going to solve this issue.   I have a 200kHz...
Monday, 22 November 2021 - 15:40
AVR32DA I2C/TWI pin mapping
Just a quick check, the datasheet for these parts lists the TWI pins as Host and Client, but presumably this only applies when dual mode is enabled. If dual mode is not used then...
Thursday, 9 September 2021 - 15:54
DIY analogue clock project
Need some help with stepper motors and mechanical stuff for a clock project. The idea is to have 3 analogue clocks in perfect sync, with sweeping second hands. Current plan is for...
Monday, 26 July 2021 - 13:45
Unexpected offset voltage on ADC pin
Hi. I have a strange problem where I'm seeing an unexpected voltage when trying to measure a high voltage supply rail with an XMEGA MCU. The schematic is as follows:  ...
Thursday, 24 June 2021 - 13:56
Should I be doing something different to avoid this inefficient code?
I am setting up a peripheral like so:   const __flash struct { USART_t *usart; struct { DMA_CH_t *ch; uint8_t trigsrc_rxc; uint8_t trigsrc_dre; volatile uint8_t...
Monday, 7 June 2021 - 16:05
Differences between the A3U and A1U USB peripheral
I'm trying to port some code from the A3U to the A1U. I read the errata, the USB on the A1U is a bit broken... It's a 64A1U if that matters.   Anyway I am at the point where...
Wednesday, 2 June 2021 - 15:05
Detecting RAM errors, anyone got experience?
I was just writing some code to implement a MARCH C- test for RAM errors on an XMEGA. I see there are a number of different strategies for testing RAM and MARCH C- is supposed to...
Thursday, 6 May 2021 - 13:49
4MB SRAM with 4 port EBI
Hi. I am trying to add 4MB (32 megabits) of SRAM to an XMEGA A1U. The documentation is not great and I'm struggling to understand how the ports are assigned.   I was planning...
Thursday, 29 April 2021 - 21:40
Microchip Studio crashes when trying to display files side-by-side
I upgraded from Atmel Studio 7 which was working fine. Now when I try to tear off a document tab and display it side-by-side Microchip Studio crashes.   I have tried the...
Monday, 26 April 2021 - 08:37
ATTINY1627/26/25/24 availability
Anyone know when the 1627/26/25/24 will become available?   I need two UARTs and 5V operation, with XMEGA architecture.
Wednesday, 20 November 2019 - 10:21