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tiny2313: PD0 unable to sink when all PortD pins are low?
I'm sinking them all at the same time... but with one anode and resistor. Here's a quick schematic.
Monday, 10 August 2009 - 18:22
Program Flow advice - Functions and Button inputs
stu_san wrote:BTW, don't forget to make your interrupt-driven counter volatile. See Cliff's FAQ #1 or the AVR-libc Manual: Frequently Asked Questions #1 for the reason why. Stu...
Monday, 10 August 2009 - 18:00
Program Flow advice - Functions and Button inputs
Thanks dbc, I think you are on the same page as the others. I intend to set up a 10ms tick via a timer interrupt, then have the state machine and debounce check for how many...
Saturday, 8 August 2009 - 19:01
Program Flow advice - Functions and Button inputs
I've got a working program using a state machine in the main loop. Right now its dependent on a 10ms delay but I plan to move the timing to an interrupt as mckeemj suggested....
Saturday, 8 August 2009 - 14:35
Program Flow advice - Functions and Button inputs
Ok, I see where you're are going with this. So now I make the main loop one big state machine... since I want to check on the button about every 10ms I can do this with the state...
Friday, 7 August 2009 - 21:39
avr-libc: Port Direction for Secondary Functions?
I would say try to compile it and see if you get an error.
Monday, 5 January 2009 - 05:07
Help with Build Error " Expected ')' before ';' &quot
Most likely when you defined MX_SWITCH_IN and MX_CMOS_DRIVE you included a semicolon (;).... The wrong way looks like this: #define MX_SWITCH_IN VALUE; The right way looks like...
Monday, 5 January 2009 - 04:58
_delay_ms() : undefined reference to `_delay_ms' attiny26L
Do you have this in the source file?: #include
Monday, 22 December 2008 - 02:47
Newb LCD Question
Hmmm... typecast needed? edit: On second thought, no. What if you try to pass the value of the variables instead of their address? itoa((char *)(int)buff,*x, 10); Where does...
Sunday, 21 December 2008 - 18:25
three questions about computing
I'll take a crack at this, I'm sure I'll hear about it if I'm wrong. slavko wrote: 1. How can I know how many cycles use a function sqrt for computing square root of some numbers...
Sunday, 21 December 2008 - 18:16
Vertical text on a GLCD
I just this week encountered this same issue. I was able to write some code to take care of "sideways" written strings. First off, I'm using the KS0108 universal C library for...
Sunday, 21 December 2008 - 16:48
[TUT] Using FUSE bits from C code
Interesting. I do appreciate the time and effort you put into this tutorial. I'm of the opinion that burning fuses should not be done automatically as it makes "bricking" your uC...
Sunday, 21 December 2008 - 16:26