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Reading state of a switch that is powered by another circuit
Thank you for your replies.  A light sensor is a great idea that I have not considered.  This is probably the solution I will go with since I have never played with one...
Wednesday, 15 September 2021 - 15:32
What pins should NOT be used for GPIO
Thanks for your answers, everyone.  Actually the project I am thinking of is a port expander in it's own right.  I was thinking of something simple like a 2...
Thursday, 18 July 2019 - 13:54
Code Reuse and #define
Thank you all for your answers.  It seems very clear to me that I am looking to build a Source Library here and I will manage it as such.   Again, I truly appreciate...
Monday, 17 October 2016 - 15:20
Code Reuse and #define
Frog jr, that is my fear, that there is no really useful way to do what I am looking to do.  If my fear is realized I will just go about implementing option 3 with an extra...
Friday, 14 October 2016 - 19:14
Code Reuse and #define
David,  Thanks for the reply.  How is this different from my description of option 2 above?  In order for me to define the macro in the tool chain, I have to define...
Friday, 14 October 2016 - 18:38
Signaling from one AVR to another - Hardware Question (I think)
Your diagnosis is correct.  Also, I did give due credit to DocJC in my last post.  His post is what led me to find the error in unit one's code.   Please understand...
Thursday, 17 March 2016 - 18:24
Signaling from one AVR to another - Hardware Question (I think)
Thanks DocJC and Menahem.  Menahem's observation is 100% correct.  I was setting the DDRs incorrectly on both MCUs.  I guess I have to think harder about my Boolean...
Thursday, 17 March 2016 - 16:29
Signaling from one AVR to another - Hardware Question (I think)
Thanks for the quick reply.  I don't think common ground is not the issue.  Both MCUs are on the same power supply circuit including VCC and Ground.  I just did a...
Thursday, 17 March 2016 - 15:00
AVR Dragon does not appear in tools menu
I was having the same problem with AtmelStudio 7 on a Windows 10 system using an AVRISP mkII.  The device did not show up in the "Tool" drop down.  I updated to the...
Wednesday, 3 February 2016 - 19:23
Data type sizes
Steve, Thanks That is the data I was seeking. Pradheep, yep, there it is. Sorry I did't do a more thorough search. Thanks for your help.
Monday, 14 April 2008 - 15:35
Lumex S01602 Question
Bob, Yes that's the one. Before I connected it to my robot Pins 1 and 14 did not short. Now they do. I am thinking I have smoked this thing. Thanks for your input.
Monday, 14 April 2008 - 15:32
Data type sizes
Thank you for the link but I have looked through this page and not found what I am looking for. Basically I would like to know how many bytes are used to represent an Int, a Char...
Sunday, 13 April 2008 - 01:33