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Long distance communication.
Hi. Right now I'm working on a small project witch involves a long distance communication. In one of the two sites you should be able to press a button to change the state of a...
Wednesday, 13 February 2002 - 10:56
Double represented in IEEE 64-bit precision
I wonder if the AVRGCC compiler supports floating point with 64-bit precision? Do the math.h also supports 64-bit precision (need to use asin(), sin(), acos(), cos())? I need to...
Wednesday, 23 January 2002 - 13:56
MAKE.EXE: *** [ramsus.eep] Error 2
Hi! When I try to "make" ANY gcc program i get the same error. I have never had this problem before and I have changed nothing (I think). This is a printout of the "make", the...
Tuesday, 6 November 2001 - 10:36
gcc interrupt bug or is my head spinning?
Hi. Today is the first day that I'm using gcc, and allready I'm into big problems. Just to test the compiler I wrote a program that uses a counter to get a interrupt every second...
Friday, 7 September 2001 - 22:55
Using SER with Regs0-15
Is this just a misstake in the Datasheet? "All the register operating instructions in the instruction set have direct and single cycle access to all registers. The only exception...
Saturday, 4 August 2001 - 12:52
What is "AVR Prog"? I read at http://www.atmel.com/atmel/produ... (atmels software section) that "AVR Prog Version 1.33, a Windows based software for using the AT90ISP and...
Saturday, 14 July 2001 - 11:42
WinXP Problems
Well, I tested WinXP with atmel yesterday, it didn´t turn out well... Here´s what I used: Cel 366, 196mb (Computer) SDK200 (Programmer) Atmel AVR ISP (Software) AVR1200 (...
Wednesday, 11 July 2001 - 09:50
Have anybody experimented with avr and usb? I was thinking of using one of the ic´s from philips called PDIUSBD11D and PDIUSBD12D, they connect to the usb port on one side, and...
Monday, 9 July 2001 - 11:22
AVR and Bluetooth
Hi, Have anyone used a AVR to communicate through an Bluetooth link? I have been looking at Atmels Bluetooth evaluation- and development-kits, and it would be nice to here if...
Monday, 2 July 2001 - 16:23