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Any microcontroller of atmel fulfilling my requirements
I have to start a new microcontroller based project for the same I am going through the specifications of different microcontrollers. As I am already aware about the atmel series...
Thursday, 22 January 2009 - 06:13
GPRS Setup Requirements.
I am planning to implement GPRS into my project. For the same I started to search how to proceed , But after some searching I am confused and writing the same. What I have? GPRS...
Monday, 8 December 2008 - 06:58
How to use external oscillator in stk500?
Hello, I am using stk500 and mega32 with jumpers placed on the stk500 as provided by Atmel. From starting I am using 1 MHz internal RC oscillator and its working fine. Now my plan...
Monday, 15 September 2008 - 10:45
verification error; content mismatch
Hello, Its a strange problem that I am facing till afternoon and it was doing well before that (I mean in the morning) avrdude: AVR device initialized and ready to accept...
Tuesday, 29 July 2008 - 11:32
RTC Interfacing.
Hello, I have to implement RTC for that I was searching in the forums. In some posts I found that it can't be implemented with avr mega16. Is it really so? Now, how can I know on...
Saturday, 5 July 2008 - 09:02
Difference b/w Vcc and AVcc
I am using STK500 , mega16 and I am confused with the pins Vcc and AVcc. When I checked for the continuity (at pins 10 and 30) they are connected/short. Then whats the difference.
Friday, 4 July 2008 - 08:21
which LCD to use?
In a part of my project I need to display some values on LCD for the same I decided to use 4 line display. Now, I want to know any links that help me and I am using avr-gcc...
Monday, 16 June 2008 - 13:09
What's the voltage.
I was doing my programming on I/O ports and checking the voltage at particular pin of the port by using multimeter. Is there any method by which I can read the voltage using micro...
Tuesday, 18 March 2008 - 10:41
Reading the status of Line Wire.
Hello, A wire coming out of the device after sensing some data and giving me the output in 0/1 format. I mean if particular condition is matched it gives some current/voltage as...
Saturday, 15 March 2008 - 09:08
Regarding USART !!
Hello, After going through the atmega16 datasheet , I was able to compile my UART program (given below) #include #define FOSC 1843200 #define BAUD 9600 #define MYUBBR FOSC/16/...
Friday, 29 February 2008 - 10:22
regarding KontrollerLab
While searching for some avr related material I came to know about KontrollerLab IDE for developing software for avr I downloaded this IDE from following link and installed.. http...
Wednesday, 9 January 2008 - 12:24
simulating and debugging AVR program
Hello, I am using stk500 , atmega16 micro and avr-gcc toolchain. Now I have to debug the program. (Mine program is compiling/loading properly). Now I want to know how can I debug...
Friday, 4 January 2008 - 06:42