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Use high-frequency (64MHz) crystal with CLKDIV/8?
Short version:  Can the crystal drive circuit and prescaler in the MCU handle a higher-frequency crystal, like 64MHz, as long as the CKDIV8 fuse is set, and the final CPU...
Tuesday, 21 February 2017 - 17:57
Simulator isn't running ADC for Tiny24
I've been beating my head against this for a while, and can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong. It's simple, really--I want to initialize the ADC on an ATTiny24 and kick...
Thursday, 26 April 2012 - 16:28
Ruggedizing AVR Dragon?
My AVRDragon kicked the bucket a while ago. It still enumerates fine as a USB device, but fails when reading/writing any of my chips. So I bought a new one. I'd like to avoid...
Tuesday, 5 January 2010 - 20:24
Early exit from ISR causing a reset?
Ok, here goes: I'm using an ATTiny24 to build a stepper motor driver. I'm using AVRStudio4 to write and build the code, and AVRDude + USBtinyISP to program the uC. I have set...
Thursday, 3 December 2009 - 03:21
Entering programming mode ... failed
(I know I'm not the first to run into this problem, but my search skills are failing me.) I am attempting to program an attiny25 on my STK500, using AVR Studio 4.14. When I pull...
Monday, 29 December 2008 - 15:33
Where to get Simulator 2?
I'm writing some code for an ATTiny25, and need to use both timers 0 and 1. The notes for Simulator 1 indicate that Timer1 is not simulated by that version, but that Simulator 2...
Monday, 16 June 2008 - 16:07