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We have seen 1000ms being commonly used in functions and we are using this for external oscillator stabilization.... Anyway, these are not giving precise delays, even delay of 2ms...
Saturday, 7 July 2007 - 09:05
drastic increase in file size
Thanks for the posts... Can u tell why our code for macro doesnt work with compiler optimisation(_OS) while _delay_ms does?? #define loose_delay(delay) \ for (__temp0 = 0;...
Saturday, 7 July 2007 - 09:01
drastic increase in file size
Thanks for the reply don..... Our file size changed from 33 kb to 11 kb after optimisation..... our program using _delay_ms is working while the one in which we use our macro own...
Saturday, 7 July 2007 - 08:20
.d90 file format
Thanks Jörg and Cliff :D :D That solved the declaration of ports and registers. any special file required to use delays in IAR?? We tried to use "_delay_ms(20)" function but it...
Thursday, 5 July 2007 - 15:39
.d90 file format
We are porting from gcc to IAR so as to build the .d90 file for simulating LCD interface. We have included the "iom16.h" and still it is showing same errors.
Thursday, 5 July 2007 - 14:53
.d90 file format
This program is running in avrstudio4 but it is showing errors in IAR compiler even after using the same header files of avrstudio4.... We are including the file "iom16.h" which...
Thursday, 5 July 2007 - 14:19
.d90 file format
we r using the evaluation version of IAR compiler now to generate .d90 file... but even after including "iom16.h" file, it is not recognizing ports and showing errors than ports...
Thursday, 5 July 2007 - 12:16
Timer Overflow Interrupt
Thanks a lot cliff.... v got the error... v had to set TIMSK register to 0x40 to enable the overflow interrupt n change interrupts name to TIMER1_OVF_vect...
Wednesday, 27 June 2007 - 19:34
[TUT] [C] Newbie's Guide to AVR Timers
A extremely good n easy to learn tutorial... Good job. :D we were greatly helped by your tutorial on timers. we are new to avr programming.we want to program avr system in c....
Saturday, 23 June 2007 - 14:45