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Help: AVR32 UC3A and STK600
At present it does not come with the TQFP100 set. I requested the card from Atmel and they sent me one. Dyan...
Friday, 10 October 2008 - 13:45
Where to buy an AVR Dragon?
As you are in Bangkok I would check out I purchased some AVR products from them and was very happy with them.
Friday, 6 June 2008 - 18:10
An ATXMega128A1 has arrived in the wilderness of Northern New Hampshire :D Let the development begin...
Friday, 23 May 2008 - 19:43
Yes with the STK600-100TQFP there is an adaptor plate it is the RC100X-13... Waiting for samples :)
Tuesday, 22 April 2008 - 17:28
STK600 Adaptors
The interesting thing is that there are several sources for the STK600 that have them in stock.. But other than the TQFP100 adaptor there is nothing available. So if your not...
Thursday, 27 March 2008 - 21:21
STK600 Adaptors
Yes Digi-Key had a ship date of 03/20/08 (now marked as past due) and Mouser had a date of 03/26/08 (now no ship date) so when....
Thursday, 27 March 2008 - 01:17
The big difference between the 64 pin TQFP and the 100 pin TQFP is the pitch, the 64 pin is .8mm and the 100 pin is .5mm. I find it very difficult to solder the 100 pin devices, I...
Wednesday, 26 March 2008 - 17:02
Quoth the Raven!
I just noticed that the version of AVRWirelessServices.exe that is in downloaded from Atmel is build it has some problems. The version that is part of AVR...
Wednesday, 26 March 2008 - 05:30
Quoth the Raven!
Ravens in Indiana... All in good condition ....Thanks :D
Monday, 24 March 2008 - 21:03
Yes AVR Studio 4.14 supports Xmega128A1 Rev D See below...
Saturday, 22 March 2008 - 01:51
The only 2 Xmega devices are defined in AVR Studio 4.14 at the moment are: ATxmega128A1 STK600-RC100X-13 STK600-TQFP100 ATxmega64A1 STK600-RC100X-13 STK600-TQFP100 Both are 100...
Friday, 21 March 2008 - 23:45
AVR32 UC3 EVK1100 dissapointment...
Carl As long as the USB bootloader has not been over written all applications can be compiled and downloaded to the board. You only need a JTAGICE MkII if the USB bootloader is...
Monday, 17 March 2008 - 02:54