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Best way to get serial number burned in flash?
My AP7000 based product is now in early production and we want to burn unique serial numbers into the flash. This serial number is read out of our product over a serial link so...
Tuesday, 21 August 2007 - 17:00
avr32-gcc How to get assembly language listings?
I'm trying to debug and have an address my program hangs at. How can I get assembly language listings so I can work back and find out what line of C source code is hanging? TIA :)
Friday, 17 August 2007 - 17:30
The STK1000 examples are mostly BORKED!!!
I've discovered that Atmel has changed the timer/counter defines in ap7000.h and tc221.h as shown in the following example: Was: AVR32_TIMER_ Is: AVR32_TC_ They have also changed...
Wednesday, 9 May 2007 - 22:43
How to define LCD buffer area using STK1000
I'm using an STK1000 and avr32-gcc in Cygwin environment. The code is for stand alone, not Linux. I want to reserve 230,400 words of the STK1000's 8MB SDRAM for use as an LCD...
Monday, 7 May 2007 - 23:21
Any access of LCDC kills my program
I'm using avr32-gcc from the Cygwin environment, and modifying the code of the timer/counter example to include my test code but keep the timer code so I can see if my program is...
Wednesday, 2 May 2007 - 18:06
Where's the avr32-gcc startup code?
I'm using avr32-gcc from the Cygwin command line, and I wonder if there's any startup code the compiler runs before running my code, or does my code begin executing from the get...
Wednesday, 2 May 2007 - 17:06
AVR32 Studio + JTAG ICD mk-II + STK1000 not working
I've downloaded and installed Cygwin + AVR32 Studio 1.0.0 BETA 1. I've attached my JTAG ICE mk-II to my STK1000 development board. I want to compile, execute and debug the...
Friday, 27 April 2007 - 16:45