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water level conductive test
Refraction.   But I hafta admit the idea of a liquid-cored inductor is fascinating on many levels.    S.
Wednesday, 2 September 2020 - 07:40
water level conductive test
(Incidentally, one thing you can do for fun is pour yourself a glass of your finest local tap-water, then put your multimeter probes into it and measure the resistance...  )...
Wednesday, 2 September 2020 - 06:17
water level conductive test
To be a lot more helpful, yes.  If you're using typical tap water all you need is two copper strips about 1cm apart, at least one of which ends at the desired level. ...
Wednesday, 2 September 2020 - 06:13
water level conductive test
Hmm.  Other ways to measure water level...      These have the same problems as barnacle's solution, but here's a few thoughts:   Turn on a known power...
Wednesday, 2 September 2020 - 05:59
Acess 32KHz clock on DS1302?
david.prentice wrote: 2.  add a software correction e.g. add/subtract one second at midnight on certain days to correct the monthly accuracy.   Strongly recommend you...
Monday, 31 August 2020 - 02:06
Is it possible to use Two Clock Source in One AVR
avrcandies wrote: (buy the LM555 with 4GHz equivalent-time performance)    Precision is not accuracy.  S.
Friday, 21 August 2020 - 02:44
DRV8305 3 phase stepper driver control
Upstage wrote:  The shield is I2C so I guess I would just need to buffer between the shield and DUE?   I doubt you'd have to do that.  The shield should be okay...
Tuesday, 18 August 2020 - 20:45
Momentory Switch to Toggle On/Off
Suggest you don't.  Momentary-toggle switches, especially badly-debounced ones, are nasty in real life.  Note that wear and tear on the button mechanism can do horrible...
Tuesday, 18 August 2020 - 18:07
DRV8305 3 phase stepper driver control
Except it shouldn't be!      You don't need a tach for a stepper motor.  It will step as fast as it's told to!  No more, no less!   Unless...
Tuesday, 18 August 2020 - 17:51
DRV8305 3 phase stepper driver control
Huh.  Point taken - that is indeed a three-phase stepper motor.  Unusual!   I'm not sure your DRV8305 is going to be happy with it...  but that's a different...
Tuesday, 18 August 2020 - 17:20
DRV8305 3 phase stepper driver control
Three phases is also very strange for a stepper motor, so are optical encoders.  Are you sure these aren't three-phase BRUSHLESS motors?   If they are, in fact, steppers...
Tuesday, 18 August 2020 - 15:38
Anybody have any data on Pittman HP plotter motor with shaft encoder?
Typical settings for an encoder like that would be 250 fringes (slots) in the disc, and when you pick up all four edges you get 1000 counts around.  Encoder people like...
Tuesday, 11 August 2020 - 07:22