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ATtiny 13 A & 32 bit variables?
Does 32 bit variables work with gcc? I have feeling that 32 bit calculations have some problems?
Friday, 18 November 2011 - 20:33
Problems with attiny13a
Hello! Do you have any idea why this doesn't work? Seems like variable mV will be calculated incorrectly. Maybe running out of stack? #include #include #include #define...
Wednesday, 9 November 2011 - 11:27
Olimex avr-usb-162 and CDC (LUFA)
Hi! I can't get connection to AVR-USB-162 with LUFA (090605) CDC or Olimex demo program. Looks like AVR hangs after "USB handshaking". I don't have debugger, but I have a task...
Wednesday, 29 July 2009 - 07:10
Interrupt based all channels ADC in Atmega8
Hello! I have a application which reads all ADC channels in (DIP) Atmega8. For one channel it does Goertzel filtering. For some reason goertzel doesn't work as expected. I can't...
Wednesday, 4 February 2009 - 18:41
gcc bug?
Hello! I have following simple c-program for ATTiny13: http://pastebin.com/f513f62a3 For some reason if I use some optimizing (something else than -O0), gcc thinks that if...
Thursday, 11 September 2008 - 09:41