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Jump from Application to DFU Bootloader (AVR1916)
Hi,   has anybody an application running which jump successfully from application into the bootloader (without a bootloader modification )?   I tried : void (*bl)(void...
Monday, 3 August 2015 - 14:07
Studio6, UC3 Controller and elf files
I try to continue a project (UC3A1256) with Studio6 which was created with AVRStudio32. When i try to debug this project i get the message: Invalid startAddress in ElfSegment::...
Tuesday, 30 October 2012 - 16:24
Xmega32a4u 32MHz RC Oscillator
I'm playing a bit with the internal 32 MHz osc. Checking with a calibrated counter i noticed a clock of 33,8 MHz with is a difference of about 5 %. The datasheet specify a...
Thursday, 26 April 2012 - 08:15
ATMega 324p Power Save Mode WinAVR / IAR
Hi, we have create a simple program for ATmega 324p with AVRStudio. In Sleep Mode it uses about 10 uA. Because of some problems with singlestep debugging we migrate the code to...
Tuesday, 14 August 2007 - 15:59
AVR Studio 4 bug ?
Hi, i do my first steps with AVR Studio 4 (4.13 Build 528) and gcc. I spend some time to find an error in an header file. The reason was, that AVR Studio doesn't save the modified...
Thursday, 5 April 2007 - 11:09