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will the usart communication of AVR help in my project
i have two cameras facing the front of the vehicle. one to detect the motion and the other to take the snap of the license plate. I would require another camera in case i choose...
Sunday, 6 April 2008 - 10:06
will the usart communication of AVR help in my project
The need of my system is to just get a signal on/off from the traffic light. The signal has to travel over 20 meters . So is there a simpler method to do this? Or the only way is...
Saturday, 5 April 2008 - 17:59
will the usart communication of AVR help in my project
thank you jim. i will read through and get back.
Saturday, 5 April 2008 - 05:13
programming dc motor and servo
write ur code within the html code tabs while posting.
Saturday, 16 February 2008 - 18:28
analog comparator(multiplexed mode)
i ll try that and get back to you lee, thank you
Tuesday, 12 February 2008 - 15:42
analog comparator(multiplexed mode)
i didn't get you lee. Quote:Then why not just turn them into a bank of 8 digital signals?
Tuesday, 12 February 2008 - 14:36
analog comparator(multiplexed mode)
i have tried all the sensors independently using the analog comp,they all gave wonderful result! i gave a voltage of 2.5 v at ain0(+ve of comparator). how do i sense all together...
Tuesday, 12 February 2008 - 14:34
analog comparator(multiplexed mode)
photo transistors and ir led pair
Tuesday, 12 February 2008 - 14:30
analog comparator(multiplexed mode)
1)i am actually using the sensors to determine the position of my robot on the chess board.this board contains some defects.(white instead of black or the ohter way ) i need to...
Tuesday, 12 February 2008 - 14:08
multiple external interrupts
ISR(PCINT0_vect) { ... // Code to handle the event. } ISR(PCINT1_vect, ISR_ALIASOF(PCINT0_vect)); will the above code execute the ISR only once if both the interrupts...
Tuesday, 12 February 2008 - 13:38
multiple external interrupts
hello bro i think our trick would not do. coz the level interrupts donot use flags! i only learnt this after failing practically wen i coded my robot for traversing chess board. :...
Tuesday, 12 February 2008 - 13:11
IR leds drain battery too much??
i have bought 10 ni-mh batteries for giving 12 v supply for my robot(2 steppers + sensor circuit). since i hadn't charged them up, i tried using the above shown battery. will...
Sunday, 10 February 2008 - 05:57