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Is this the right MOSFET? 12V DC motor PWM control by AVR
I want to do simple PWM control of a 12V DC motor with a N-channel MOSFET as a low side driver. Using Digikey search I found Fairchild FDD8586. I expect to connect the output from...
Monday, 3 December 2007 - 06:37
AVR Studio on a Mac - VMWare Fusion
Happy to say that this now works very nicely. I'm using a Core 2 Duo Mac mini with 2GB RAM running OS X 10.5.1 Leopard and VMWare Fusion Version 1.1 (62573). I set up the Win XP...
Tuesday, 13 November 2007 - 23:48
The impossible interrupt from Timer 2, ATmega324P
Here's the code - it's a somewhat simplified version of what I'm working on, in particular the actions inside the while loop have been removed because they don't add to the...
Saturday, 28 July 2007 - 12:46
Doing PWM on multiple (> 3) motors
Many AVR devices have nice PWM timer modes, which I found out about using after generating servo pulses the harder way. I've seen servo control projects where PWM wasn't available...
Tuesday, 26 June 2007 - 02:08
PoScope + AVR Dragon: SW conflict [solved]
The PoScope is a budget PC-based tool including oscilloscope and logic analyzer among other things. A USB pod attaches probes or analyzer leads to the PC. The software lets you...
Monday, 19 March 2007 - 00:39
Driving a servo with a butterfly.
I just got this working and since I couldn't find any simple source code when I started I'm posting it. Comments about possible problems or just suggestions for improvements are...
Tuesday, 6 March 2007 - 06:50