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C Calling convention?
I don't have ICE, or any kind of hardware debuggers... Is it possible to link against the AVR Simulator?
Tuesday, 22 January 2008 - 18:54
C Calling convention?
Yeah, I presumed that it would be common, but still avr-gdb won't execute the elf file for some reason... Can you tell me how to debug the debugging problem? :)
Tuesday, 22 January 2008 - 18:22
C Calling convention?
Can you point me to a good tutorial using gdb? I tried looking around, but everything is for x86 platform. I tried invoking "gdb heaptest.elf", but it says "Don't know how to run...
Tuesday, 22 January 2008 - 17:59
C Calling convention?
Sorry for the unclear details. I am using WinAVR, that is AVR-GCC indeed, and I am using separate .S files. Now calling the function works okay, but I cannot get the debugger to...
Tuesday, 22 January 2008 - 17:32
C Calling convention?
Is there a tutorial about mixing C and A code in AVR Studio?
Tuesday, 22 January 2008 - 13:50
WTF?!! GCC bug or what?
curtwm, Yeah, btw, I really think gcc *should* know that 4000000 is UL, because it cannot represent such a number with a lower integer type...
Thursday, 17 January 2008 - 21:54
WTF?!! GCC bug or what?
Smiley: I don't know what your problem is, I wasn't asking in a bad tone, or something. Actually the #define F_CPU 4000000 has been done by the AVR Studio from command line, but I...
Thursday, 17 January 2008 - 17:39
Trouble with Linux and Interrupt-driven UART
Stupid suggestion: You need to enable the RXIEN and UDRIE interupts, or sthg like that
Thursday, 17 January 2008 - 17:36
WTF?!! GCC bug or what?
I'm using the latest version, the manual says it was built on 20071221, I don't know how to extract the exact data, or the code snippet either? Should I just copy&paste it...
Thursday, 17 January 2008 - 16:51
Ok... this is n00b. My AVR keeps resetting
Thanks, Simonetta, this was very useful, even though I knew most of it (all happened to me :)). I don't know what happened to the fuse, how it got on, because I never touched it,...
Thursday, 17 January 2008 - 15:56
Ok... this is n00b. My AVR keeps resetting
Of course
Wednesday, 16 January 2008 - 10:25
Ok... this is n00b. My AVR keeps resetting
jgmdesign wrote:There are far easier ways to create a time delay loop than all of this. Rethink your code. Jim Sure there are... Interrupts, timer/counter, etc. However this was a...
Wednesday, 16 January 2008 - 01:46