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My private port of avr-libc v 1.2.1 for WinAVR is released
My private port of avr-libc v 1.2.1 WinAVR is available here. Use link further doen in thread , this one has a bug in the sin() function ****://avrfiles.luna.kyed.com/avr-...
Saturday, 29 January 2005 - 21:29
Need help to identify a SMD chip
Does anyone have info about a SMD chip marked like this ( M...
Friday, 21 January 2005 - 20:12
Added some C stuff to sticky "C Books & Tools"
Added some C stuff to sticky "C Books & Tools" in top Learn C/C++ Today http://www.cyberdiem.com/vin/lea... A list of a few C and C++ language tutorials Category : List of C...
Thursday, 20 January 2005 - 19:21
OT: Usenet thread "Is it valid to shift a byte value by
This was an interrsting thread that started out on usenet like this http://groups.google.com/groups?... Consider the following variables: 1)...
Thursday, 13 January 2005 - 07:44
External ram for a M128 , can a HC573 do it ??
Hi Guyzz I am going to build some extrenal SRAM for a Mega128 (14.xx or 16 Mhz) I have two Ram types here A 128KB 15 ns Alliance AS7C1024-15 (not the B version , its stamped '98)...
Wednesday, 12 January 2005 - 17:27
Searching specs for a TFK U6205B Chip
Hi Guyzz I have gotten some TFK U6205B Chip , in SOIC 14. I Think its from Telefunken ,but can find absolutely no info on the net. Anyone has some info/datasheet /Bingo
Monday, 10 January 2005 - 19:31
My Private port of avr-libc 1.2.0 for WinAVR is released
Here is download for the library. Remember that neither I , nor "The WinAVR Team" can be held responible for any damage done by the install or use of these files. And i am quite...
Monday, 10 January 2005 - 19:09
The AVR "Kitchensink"
Guyzz have a look here http://www.ispf.de/modules.php?n... (German) I think this is for real , they are discussing it heavily on http://www.mikrocontroller.net/ Thread http://www....
Friday, 7 January 2005 - 23:01
@Joerg and EW First : Many thanks for you and the teams great work. I have some questions : 1: I am primarily using WinAVR (XP) :oops: :oops: Is there any way i can "make"... Tuesday, 4 January 2005 - 09:25
Use of "extern" , could i be in trouble here ??
Hi guyzz I was wondering a bit ahout the below usage of extern .... I have a module where i declare a couple of vars .. struct time avr_time; uint8_t one_minute; And in the...
Tuesday, 4 January 2005 - 08:57
Is there any konown stack probs in 0404 WinAVR ??
Guyzz Im pulling my hair here :cry: After i have used structs in my proggie with WinAVR 0404 my proggie is going haywire (Mega32). I had to pad it do en even count in the struct...
Wednesday, 29 December 2004 - 19:52
Driving 8 pcs of 8x8 LED blocks
Hi guyzz Just got 16 pcs LM-2064MUM 8x8 Red/Green LED blocks , common cathode (see datasheet). I have been looking at some ULN2083 for driving those , one per block. What is the...
Thursday, 16 December 2004 - 21:21