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lock bits verus fuses
A colleague has informed me that after changing lock bits on an atmega2560, he can no longer change the fuses with jtag? Is that right? Did I miss something in the documentation?
Tuesday, 25 September 2018 - 16:31
How do I edit arduino.inf
I'm trying to edit Arduino.inf so that the Windows device manager shows text the boss wants for IDs the boos wants. So far, I've only managed to change it to USB Serial Device (...
Monday, 10 September 2018 - 21:56
How do I add files and directories in place in AS7?
Back again.   I have some source files in a directory where I want them. The directory is a sibling of other source directories in the project. Whenever I try to add one of...
Friday, 13 July 2018 - 20:25
where to find actual compiler output
Where can I find the actual compiler output from AS7? I'm getting a strange error. I want to see the real output instead of the mangled stuff I've found so far. My recollection is...
Friday, 13 July 2018 - 17:11
.zero vs reality
I compiled char fred __attribute__((section(".noinit")));and got .file "noinit.c" __SP_H__ = 0x3e __SP_L__ = 0x3d __SREG__ = 0x3f __tmp_reg__ = 0 __zero_reg__ = 1 ....
Monday, 2 July 2018 - 17:08
Search for int size-dependent code
The objcopy thread was about generating a one-off to discover how badly some non-working third-party code is non-working. If I get the answer I expect, I'll be looking for int...
Friday, 22 June 2018 - 14:29
avr architecture of input file ... is incompatible with avr:51 output
I'm trying to build a program that includes a raw binary image. From the link step, I get the titular message with the three dots representing a long absolute path to a file made...
Friday, 22 June 2018 - 00:15
avrdude reads 261930==0x3ff2a of 0x40000==262144 bytes
Here is the command line: ​avrdude -p m2560 -c atmelice -P usb \ -U flash:r:flash.bin:r -U flash:r:flash.hex:iwith results: $ grep -vn ':20' flash.hex 2049::...
Friday, 15 June 2018 - 22:37
avrdude returns 53
avrdude returns 53 and does nothing else, no complaints, no other output, nada. What is going on? What does return code 53 mean?   I've searching the source for 53, but no...
Wednesday, 13 June 2018 - 18:29
Does a mega1284p xplained board work with atmel ices's?
Does a mega1284p xplained board work with atmel ices's? It seems to me it should, it does have JTAG, but something definitive would be nice. I found several mentions of a jtagice...
Friday, 8 June 2018 - 22:04
bit TWINT==1, TW_STATUS==0xF8
I'm trying to do TWI on an atmega2560. Under what circumstances, may TW_STATUS==0xF8 even though bit TWINT of TWCR is one?   From documentation, I expected that that was not...
Tuesday, 29 May 2018 - 19:27
why does this program only run sometimes?
The title program is test code originally put on a atmaga32u4 by a TWI bootloader. I also have JTAG access. The code just pats its external watchdog and uses Arduino to write to...
Saturday, 28 April 2018 - 00:11