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How to plot and inductor's B-H loop?
google: B-H curve measurement
Sunday, 24 February 2013 - 21:35
ASK: Lifetime ATMega16 & Xbee for 24hours running
If you want to run a complex system over a long time you should build in recovery from certain crashes using watchdogs, timeouts and other fail-safe techniques.
Monday, 11 February 2013 - 16:26
PWM or DAC for output
But remember: The PWM is only as clean/precise as the supply of the PWM output is. If you feed it through a driver with different delays for high-to-low and low-to-high transition...
Monday, 11 February 2013 - 15:47
Trying to find a small knob/rod to fit this component
Piher seems to make such a thing for its trimmer-pots.
Saturday, 19 January 2013 - 13:41
Algo to estimate rms volts from half wave rectified volts?
How accurate do you want the RMS? You could sample the wave without rectification (tie ADC to Vref/2 and AC couople) and then use "Random Sampling" to estimate RMS. You get only...
Monday, 31 December 2012 - 19:36
Bridge Rectifier
In forward-conduction you normally have the forward-voltage-drop accross the diode, so voltage accross the element does not depend on the current. That means the average power is...
Wednesday, 7 November 2012 - 10:00
Measuring MOSFET characteristics
You must be very careful, since the circuit and waveform at the drain may influence what you see at the gate, for example due to the Miller-effect. And the gate-capacitance is...
Tuesday, 11 September 2012 - 06:30
Need 1V reference for ADC
I simply would use the internal 2.56V reference. Or perhaps a LM385-1.2 as external referene.
Sunday, 9 September 2012 - 14:54
Modern general purpose opamp suggestions
I see the LM358 in many cheap circuits, so many seem to consider that as simple good OP, and it's probably much better than the old741. But then it really depends, here are...
Sunday, 9 September 2012 - 14:46
Perfectly coupled inductors in (LT-)spice
@ignoramus Yes I tried that. First it didn't work because I didn't know that LTspice adds a small Rser in series to an inductor. Setting Rser=0 explicitely or setting the...
Saturday, 8 September 2012 - 09:40
Perfectly coupled inductors in (LT-)spice
Quote:Ask on the LTspice list. You will find good help there. I even had not to ask :) , there was an interesting discussuion of the problem here:
Friday, 7 September 2012 - 12:50
Perfectly coupled inductors in (LT-)spice
Quote:I'm assuming jayjay1974 is referring to the setting "Always default inductors to Rser=0". This optuion helps for uncoupled inductors. I did'nt know it existed. Fron now on...
Thursday, 6 September 2012 - 09:57