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Need help with AT90CAN128 coding
Not that I've used that chip, but isn't there a setting that gives you the choice to try to resend the message if an ack is not received ? or just try once...
Sunday, 20 January 2008 - 19:15
How to compare..
Well by asking that pins you should connect to I'd guess you haven't read the datasheet ? As you can see the mega128 has an ADC, you could just simply connect the voltages to...
Sunday, 20 January 2008 - 13:47
3 wire SPI connection
Why in god connect MOSI and MISO together through a resistor ? Connect MOSI -> DI, MISO -> DO, SCK -> SCK, optional IO -> CS works every time!
Thursday, 17 January 2008 - 22:18
I've used DS1305 alot, and it's a good chip. Never used DS1307 but I'd guess it's very simular. The DS1305/7 is antique before the battery runs out :)
Thursday, 17 January 2008 - 08:37
Atmega64 / Atmega645 question
Just looking at the features list at the beginning of the datasheet would line out some of the differences. also each of the chapters will indicate what's missing and what's not
Wednesday, 16 January 2008 - 13:50
Is the DB101 available
Me want to know to :):):)
Tuesday, 15 January 2008 - 22:05
Ok... this is n00b. My AVR keeps resetting
Quote:I think the first (and most serious) problem with your code is that it seems to be written in assembler. Correct that and I'm sure it'll start working fine =) could not...
Tuesday, 15 January 2008 - 08:16
Tiny25 with three wire USI
Look in the datasheet, you'll be suprised how much info you can find there...
Monday, 14 January 2008 - 08:20
3x mega88 communicating with UART?
if you connect more than two devices to rs232 you need aditional error handling since RS232 is point-to-point, not network as RS485. If you hadd 3 devices to the same bus, you...
Thursday, 10 January 2008 - 20:21
Problem with atmega 128 portg+lcd t6963
Just set DDRG to outputs ( aka to 1 ), then just set the PORTG to 0/1 ...
Thursday, 10 January 2008 - 19:43
Help: What am I doing wrong?
You should also consider getting used to sinking leds instead of sourcing them in the future for bigger projects where the current usage gets higher.
Thursday, 10 January 2008 - 13:53
And it was gone in a flash
Check your connector on the end of the flat cabel comming from the JTAG, I've had great problems with it.. causing the same event error. Also check the USB connector in your jtag...
Wednesday, 9 January 2008 - 23:28